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Fan Casting Movies is always fun, but the best are comic book movies because there are so many characters to think of and so many actors.

if this gets enough hits I will turn this into a series where i do comic book movie reboot fan casting.

I have one rule where i cannot choose an actor who has played that part before so sorry Heath Ledger Fans.


Batman - Karl Urban

Come on, we all saw how intense he was in Dredd that would be perfect for Batman

Robin - Dylan O'Brien

Alfred Pennyworth - Ian Mckellen

Nightwing - Daniel Radcliffe

Red Hood - Liam Hemsworth

Batgirl - Emma Watson

Batwoman - Rhona Mitra

Commissioner Gordon - Bryan Cranston

Lucius Fox - Denzel Washington

The Joker - Willem Defoe

Harley Quinn - Kaley Cuoco

Bane - Dwayne Johnson

Two-Face - Johnny Depp

The Riddler - Benadict Cumberbatch

Penguin - Tymothy Spall

Clayface - Ron Perlman

Killer Croc - Michael Clark Duncan (R.I.P)

Hush - Leonardo Dicaprio

Mad Hatter - David Tennant

Huge Strange - Anthony Hopkins

Scarecrow - Elijah Wood

Deadshot - Jason Statham

Deathstroke - Bruce Willis

Mr.Freeze - Patrick Stewart

Poison Ivy - Jennifer Aniston

Catwoman - Kate Beckinsale

Ras'al Ghul - Bill Nighy

Tali'Al Ghul - Mila Kunis


Who do you think suits the role best?


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