ByKay Harding, writer at

The 13th Annual MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival) was hosted again this year at the Gaylord National Convention Center in Maryland MD. What began as a convention with only a few hundred people, has grown into the thousands, and has been selling out. MAGFest is unique in being a four day long, 24 hour convention. Games and Panels take place at all hours of the day.

Panels are becoming even more exciting and varied with each passing year. Some high lights from this year included watching your favorite characters come to life in the Super Awesome Cosplay Battle, learning stunt fighting with DC Stunt Coalition, stretching out your sore muscles in Yoga for Gamers, listening to beloved voice actors, like Matt Mercer and Wes Johnson, tell stories in the Voice Acting Panel, Dancing with your friends or that special someone at MAGProm, and Rocking out to a variety of well known and amateur Chiptunes artists, and staple VG metal bands, such as Powerglove and Protomen.

MAGFest was proud to add Yuu Miyake, the composer of Katamari Damacy, to it's fast growing guest list of video game royalty. Previous guests of honor include Nobuo Uematsu, known most notably for his work on many Final Fantasy games, and Sid Meiers, creator of Civilization.

MAGFest 14 is sure to hold many new and exciting guests and of course bring back some of it's traditional and well loved events it's audience looks forward to each year.


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