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So this is my first post guys just a little about me i love Horror movies all kinds i am also a controversial movie collector. EX: Salo , Serbian Film , Caligula , original last house on the left , original i spit on your grave. After math, Men behind the sun , philosophy of a knife , The guinea pig Series , And every once in a while there is nothing better than some French horror.

And to sum it all up here are some of my favorite directors and my favorite films of theirs.

1. Eli Roth (cabin fever, Hostel 1&2 )

2. takashi miike (Gozu, Visitor Q , Ichi the Killer)

3. Wes Craven (Last house on the left , The Hills Have Eyes -1977- a nightmare on elm street )

4. Alexandre Bustillo (Inside)

5. Pascal Laugier (martyrs)

6. Alexandre Aja (Haute tension)

And many many more

If you have any recommendations Leave in the comments below . But FYI i have seen a lot i left out on this list :p


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