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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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With NBC's continuum of Heroes in Heroes Reborn releasing this year after the events of what happened in '06 - '10, a lot of people with abilities are shown different powerful abilities but please forgive me if I put an ability that has been shown in the previous Heroes TV series. I mean, come on, it was 5 years back! No way I can remember it.

5. Heat/Laser Vision

It hit me a few times have they showed us someone with heat/laser vision then I tried so hard to remember and then I knew they never showed someone with abilities like that and it would be awesome to see someone with this ability in Heroes Reborn who knows maybe its that nurse friend of Peter (Milo Ventimiglia).Plus the only ability that same close to heat/laser vision is the red lightning/power charger ability used by (what's his name) Ando yeah the power charger guy.

4.Supersonic Scream

Much like Black Canary's scream except stronger like Batman's supersonic scream you know the new powers he got in Justice #38 if you haven't yet read my article about that you can go here,manual Batman's supersonic scream is really strong, heck it can even blow away an armoured Lex Luthor,Wonder Woman and Superman. The only one who came close to have this superpower is Emma Coolidge (Deanne Bray)with enhanced Synethesia seeing sound as colours and also having using those coloured soundwaves to manipulate,kill,slice up people etc.


Not only Jacob's power to turn into a big giant werewolf but I'm talking about Beast Boy's powers.

Yep this Beast Boy the one with the ability to change into animals that are green.The only one who came close to it was that girl with the ability of illusions the ability to make illusions make people see what she wants them to see.

2.Energy Absorption/Manipulation

I don't think so we've seen someone with these kind of abilities nor someone who came close to having this power, NO WAIT! I remember Ando was the one who came close to have this power shooting out red lightning is what he's got if we see someone with this ability we are up for a whole lot of awesomeness.

1.Super Strength

This one I know there is no one with this kind of ability I just know it! The only one who came very close to having it is Ali Larter's character the first one Niki Sanders/Jessica Sanders having 2 personalities the bad one and the innocent one both of them are strong but they don't have super strength it would be awesome to see someone with this kind of ability.

Honourable Mentions

Density Control/Intagibility

Unbreakble Skin

The one who came close to it is just The Hatian's brother

Clinging on surfaces


Which ability are you most hoping for to see in Heroes Reborn?


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