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We’ve seen that Manuel Mendez is a great writer. Since the plots on Lifehouse, he knows how to explore new situations and flips that makes us want to watch the next episode as soon as possible. Right now, his latest project, Adler, the TV adaptation of his nine stories about the character, have been captivated to the audience. Not only the fans of the canon, but the new fans that follows the beginnings of the detective every Thursday on ABC.

But, why we should love him? Why we should watch the show every week and put them on own favorite TV shows?

And, here is why…

Adler. The Man

Is very difficult for the writer describe his character in a little space in blank pages. This is because, probably, he wants to show the plot and start the trama as soon as possible. And this is not the exception. Adler is described in his stories just as the story can. And in some lines, he seems to be a hero, but we never know farther than the principal plot can show to us. Manuel Mendez and Steve Hall knew that, for this they made an Adler Wright who’s, indeed, a man. A human being.

Something that (in personal, I love) was the management of the character in the 21st century. They create a totally different Adler Wright. At the beginning of the show (since Pilot) we can watch the vulnerability of this young nurse. For example, we can see in many episodes how he uses to drink water. Lots of water. But in the first episode is explained that he has a metabolically problem that pushes him to drink water like that. That also can explain the anxiety and the energic persona he has. But, for some reason, he’s not like that… Anymore.

The other side of the story is painted by a six year old boy. And that’s the reference that Natalia Harding made, talking about him. Is amazing how you have an idea about a detective and then suddenly you start to watch how he began. But, I bet, you never knew that Adler Wright was a comic book collector. Is seen since the second episode that Adler collects comic books: is fan of Iron Man and Captain America, Spiderman comics from 1973, hates Superman (except Man of Steel – as he makes the reference) but he is devoted to THE FLASH! (you can see in some shoots that even he has the wallpaper on his phone)

And just for the record – some of the comic books that appear on the show are property of the actors.

James Wilson

Since the books and the stories we’ve reading the adventures of Adler Wright, a male-nurse who takes the role of detective as a hobby (pretty much as Sherlock Holmes, and his American countpart, Philo Vance). Many of his adventures were taken by him and his best friend, James Wilson. This bromantic relationship is explained in those nine stories. The interaction between them makes you know that they’ve known for a long time. But, how was that relationship before he was a detective? Before “The White Chapel Case”? That’s one of the strongest points on the show. The chemical between Manuel and Guillermo is natural. On Lifehouse, they played their own life-roles as best friends. And this time is not the exception. By this time, Guillermo has performed James Wilson just as the book is written; taking in count that the characters are friends for life, both actors took their friendship to project the union between them. Despite Watson (even S.S. Van Dine on the Philo Vance stories), James Wilson is independent from Adler, and that’s clearly since the pilot episode. Even in the canon, James takes a case for his own. The function as a best friend was not only as a space to talk, which only listen and shout. Watch Adler since the first episode will explain to us the beginning of the detective and everything that happened before the story we know, but it is magnificent think what happened with their relationship till the first canon story: the marriage, the cases, the enemies…


The third part of the canon makes reference that Adler Wright knows Philo Vance, the detective we’ve told about. Actually, they’re friends, even when (obviously) neither Vance nor Wright makes reference to them on their stories. He helps Adler to solve the last three cases of the canon but, how did they meet? Where did they meet? And again implicit, is told that Vance and Adler know each other since a long long time ago… Right now, on TV, Vance hadn’t made any appearance or reference; of course, we think that probably they will meet in some future point.

Other crossover that actually appears since the first episode is the one of Lucy Cylent, that all the fans believe that in fact , she is Natalia Harding, from a several stories, written by the actress that portrait her (that’s sounds familiar…) Adler Wright appears in a non-canon relation with Natalia Harding. And this story serves as first plot in the first middle season. The references to a girl named “Andrea” had blew the mind of all the fandom knowing that, this girl, is actually Elizabeth Noveu, the character from the impress crossover. The “how” Natalia (or Lucy) and Adler met is a mystery, but of course, we’ll watch the way they meet and how. All the theories are in the air…

El ultimo pero no menos importante…

The Marchioness. This is a huge huge HUGE character we’re waiting for. On The Man of the Station, a letter came from a person named M. After that, we know that our detective have an enemy, someone that was so close to him. That even, “she touched his heart”. And this girl, whose real name we never know is, in fact, The Marchioness. This person has a lot to do in Adler’s past. As we know, she and him lived together, and Adler “knew her the best” that it ended up in a frivolity between them. Everything leads in the shocking ending on the last story. The Marchioness has a lot of habilities, and one of them is her great memory, and the show already hinted us about that (do you think The Marchioness is that girl on the classroom?)

This woman played a very important role in Adler’s past. She was his best friend. But, I think the question I hate to do every time I watch Adler is… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? We will wait until The Marchioness appears, or probably… she already appeared.

So… Basically, the past

Everything that comes up in the show will provide to us a closer look to the life of Adler Wright. We know examples like Smallville or Gotham that takes the characters and puts them into some space in time before to let run the events that finally will bring to us the stories we know.

There’s a lot we don’t know about Adler Wright and a lot we want to learn. Adler will return on February 13th with all new episodes that will continue showing us what really happened before the detective.


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