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Alright, since MARVEL's rise to cinematic power, more and more droves of people are becoming fans, completely loving nearly every single film. However, haters gonna hate and people have pointed out several problems or plot holes with these movies. Now, everyone who points something out isn't a hater, but it still bugs me just a little because, really, if they take the time to think about them, they all make perfect sense. I don't have the absolute answers, but I think they make pretty good sense. I hope I can help all y'all understand the greatness of the MARVEL universe just a little bit more. :)

Well, let's jump on in folks.

1. Hulk Conveniently Controlling His Powers.

Yup! That big green baddie!!!! (yes I said baddie)
Yup! That big green baddie!!!! (yes I said baddie)

In [The Avengers](movie:9040), one of the best MARVEL productions EVER!!!!!!, Hulk loses it and starts attacking his fellow Avengers (although, technically it was before they called themselves that). Then, at the end, he suddenly can control himself just in time to save the world. Several people are upset about this, but there's a perfectly logical explanation.

He claims he has control over the Hulk at the beginning and this is partially true. He just doesn't have perfect control. I mean, when the Helicarrier starts blowing up, he kinda freaks out and loses control. (Wouldn't you?) He does have control, but only during normal circumstances, like an alien invasion.....ok, maybe not PERFECTLY normal circumstances. It could also have been a survival instinct. His body was blown through a floor, so the Hulk kicked in to save him. Just like when he tried putting a bullet in his mouth.

2. Loki Somehow Not Dying After Falling Off of the Bifrost to Conveniently Show Up in the Avengers.

A long title I know...
A long title I know...

At the end of Thor, a good movie by the way, Loki falls from the bridge to the Bifrost (the teleport that takes Thor and friends to other worlds or realms) into complete emptiness, or so it seems....

I have two different theories as to how Loki didn't die. This first one is really far-fetched and I kinda don't think it would happen, but it would WORK. What fell before Loki did? Give up? I'll tell you. The Bifrost itself. And since it kinda broke, it could be spewing out whatever energy it uses to teleport people and it hit Loki, sending hi to the Chituari world. Like I said, a little far-fetched.

The other, is that he used his secret pathways to and from Asgard. He mentions to Thor that he knows about and uses other means of traveling to other worlds without using the Bifrost. He fell from the bridge to make everyone think he was dead, but was really escaping to the Chituari's realm, through his secret passageways, to complete his evil schemes.And that leads to the next one.

3. Thor Somehow Comes to Earth Despite the Bifrost Being Destroyed.

"Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?"-Iron Man
"Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?"-Iron Man

In the Avengers, Thor shows up out of nowhere, never really explaining how he got to Earth. This feat seems impossible because of the fact that the Bifrost was destroyed, but this one's easy, it could be because of a few different things.

One, they could've fixed the Bifrost. By [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462), it's completely repaired and they never specified when they fixed it. It's quite possible that it was up and running in the Avengers.

Two, Thor and Odin know that Loki is on Earth, that's the reason Thor was sent there. They also know he's not dead. So they'd try to find out how he got there since, last they saw, he was falling into nothingness. If Loki did in fact use his secret passages, then they would've discovered that and could send Thor through them.

Three, He could've just flown there. I mean, Asgard is really just another planet. He could've gotten into one of their spaceships and flown there. Yes, it would take a long time, but it'd work...right? Also, in the comics, Thor can sometimes use his hammer to open portals, but we've never seen him do this in the movies, so there's no real evidence that he has this ability in the cinematic universe.

4. How Did Howard Stark Find the Tesseract and not Captain America?

One of my personal favorites.
One of my personal favorites.

In Captain America, Cap is battling red Skull on a huge plane carrying bombs, to destroy several major cities. During the fight, the Tesseract absorbs Red Skull and then falls into the Atlantic Ocean, not far from North America. The plane then goes out of control and Cap takes the controls and brings it away from the U.S. and crashes it into the ocean, where he wakes up several decades later.

I heard people complain that when Howard Stark is searching for Cap and he finds the Tesseract instead, that he should've been completely able to find the huge plane, that Cap was in, as well. Now, I haven't heard this complaint too often, but enough that I'll explain it. The Tesseract falls into the ocean just off of the coast of America, where the plane was supposed to be. If Stark was looking for Cap, that's where he'd look and he'd find the Tesseract. And he didn't find Cap because he wasn't there, he flew the plane much further into the North Atlantic, where the water is much much colder and he froze.

Another question I've heard is, "How did Nick Fury get the Tesseract?" and all I have to say to them is that they should've paid closer attention. Howard Stark takes it out of the Ocean, and being an ally of S.H.I.E.L.D., probably turned it over to them.

Well, I hope I've answered some questions for you. If there's anything you don't agree with, let me know. If there's something I missed, which I know there is, also let me know in the comments and I'll make a second article explaining those the best I can. Thanks! :)


Did these explanations help at all?


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