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Hey guys! Welcome to a new article series (I know I still need to work on the others but I'm always thinking of new ideas) called 'Slowbro News'! In it, I'll report some pretty cool news that has been out for a LONG time, but might not be known by everyone! After all, with so many exciting news stories, it's hard for us to check out every headline!

The first piece of "Slowbro" news dates all the way back to 1984! In the 80's DC, the popular comic book company, was losing to relatively newcomer Marvel. Marvel was taking the world by storm with it's clever characters like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and more!

So what did DC do? They tried to sell the entire DC Universe to Marvel!

Bill Sarnoff, the head of Warner Communication's publishing division approached Jim Shooter, the current editor-in-chief at Marvel. Bill talked to him about licensing the publishing rights to the ENTIRE DC universe to Marvel! That's right! Batman, Superman and some of your other favorite heroes, would have been owned by Marvel!

Bill's reasoning for the negotiation was simply that DC had been struggling the comics marketplace. Now, DC was a pretty strong contender back then, but Marvel had this thing by the ropes! You could understand why the people over at Warner and DC were a little frightened that they'd go bankrupt if Marvel continued its onslaught. So the only reasonable solution at the time was to sell their hero's rights and cash in the hefty paychecks!

However, in a striking blow to DC, Jim Dalton, the publisher at Marvel at the time, denied their offer! Why? Because he didn't think the characters were selling because they weren't very good.


But for those thinking "Aw man!" because you thought this deal would finally give us the Marvel/DC crossover film we've all wanted for years, you're probably wrong about that. See, if the deal had gone through, Marvel planned to scrap the DC universe ENTIRELY and start anew; making new stories starring seven of DC's top franchise including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Justice League, New Teen Titans and Legion of Superheroes!

Marvel did plan to introduce more characters if these seven stories did well and some of the continuity would have carried over; but with the creative teams likely shifting and changing, I doubt these characters would have done so well. Not only that, but Marvel planned to keep the Marvel and DC universes separate still! At least in the beginning. Honestly, I'm glad they stayed separate. The DC characters we know and love today would have been DRASTICALLY different. Want proof? Just read any of Stan Lee's "Just Imagine" DC issues.

No. No I'm sorry but I just can't...
No. No I'm sorry but I just can't...

No offense to Stan "The Man" Lee, but these books made it clear that Marvel's formula just doesn't work too well for DC's properties. Plus, if the deal had gone through, it would have been so long ago that by now, the DC characters would already be so integrated into the Marvel universe that it wouldn't be considered a Marvel/DC crossover if we got a film with Iron Man and Batman in it; just another Marvel ensemble film.

Checkmatony Stark!
Checkmatony Stark!

So there you have it! You learn something new every day! Stay tuned for more Slowbro News!

Now here's the Slowbro Question: Would you have liked it if Marvel bought DC? Answer the poll below and then give me your reasoning in the comments!

Also make sure to check out the video that served as the basis for this article! The video is by the popular YouTube channel VariantComics and you can check the video right here:

Thanks for reading!


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