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Potential SPOILERS there be here, young Jedi.

Beware as always, you should!

The lightspeed traveling Millennium Falcon that is the [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) production continues to be something of a leaky ship when it comes to plot details for the upcoming movie. There have been some gushing springs of information in the past and this week sees some more bits of rumor trickling out.

The folks at Making Star Wars have received some new details with one major item that more or less lines up with what we've been hearing so far. It has to do with what the Empire's Inquisitors are up to and how the Rebels are planning to counter-attack. Yes, there could be a Death Star v3.0 in the works for Star Wars Episode 7!

The Inquisitors have long been rumored to be introduced as a team used by the Empire to round up Force sensitive people in the universe. This new rumor proposes to describe exactly how the Empire is locating these Force friendly folks. It could be that a distant planet is home to a weapon, possibly going by the name "The Mirror", that can detect Jedi presence across the galaxy.

Will Andy Serkis' new Sith Lord stand in front of it and ask, "Mirror, mirror... Who's the Sithiest of them all?" Probably not, but that's the image thats in my head right now.

Poor Vader, I barely knew thee...
Poor Vader, I barely knew thee...

The new rumor continues to say that this new weapon is too big or powerful to be destroyed in any planetary friendly way. Meaning that to take this thing out, they would have to blow up the whole planet. And of course, there are non-Empire related folks also inhabiting this planet.

Now we've heard before from many rumor mills that our new Republic Leader is none other than Princess Leia. Is there's anyone who would be more opposed to the construction of a Death Star than Leia? Could the Rebels actually build a Death Star behind the back of their Leader? Will we see flashbacks to Vader making Leia watch the Death Star in action in Episode 4?

Poor Alderaan, we barely knew thee...
Poor Alderaan, we barely knew thee...

I'm not entirely convinced about this Death Star rumor. Mostly due to the fact that I find it hard to image they could keep it's construction secret from their boss. The thing would require major resources to build and it's not like some big birthday present you can keep hidden in the back of the closet for a couple weeks or something...

Anyway, having Leia be forced to make a decision about whether or not to blow up a planet does make for some interesting narrative irony but I'm guessing if it does come down to it, she'll find another way to take out "The Mirror". What do you think?


Will we see Death Star v3.0 in Star Wars Episode 7?


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