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When will science learn not to tempt fate by playing God? It's an age old question and one that the movies love to return to. And as audiences return to Isla Nubar in [Jurassic World](movie:32752), they'll be treated to another one of those Frankenstein cautionary tales. But instead of some lumbering guy with neck bolts, Jurassic Park's monster will take the form of Indominus Rex.

Jurassic World is continuing to go the slow-tease route with this newest beastie abomination. In the classic Steven Spielberg fashion, this is definitely a method that has proved successful in the past. The slow reveal may have started in Jaws because that stupid robot shark was never working properly, but movies soon learned that there are dividends to keeping the audience guessing.

What We Didn't See

The recent Super Bowl trailer is the best look we've had at the new Franken-Dino so far. It seems like that leaked description didn't quite make good on its promise of seeing a possible camouflage skin reveal but we did get to see far more than just the feet of this new dinosaur.

Part of the reason for these incremental teases may also be do to the movie still being in the process of putting on its finishing touches. There's a cool article over on that shows some examples of how footage that we'd already seen in the first trailer is still being worked on.

Jurassic World's movie magic in motion...
Jurassic World's movie magic in motion...

What We Did See

The best bits were fleeting except for the classic Jurassic Park style heavy-breathing moment that found Chris Pratt trying not to get too strong a whiff of what has to be some pretty gnarly dino breath.

But those fleeting moments of Indominus Rex action did give the impression that there will be a lot of dino hunting action going on in Jurassic World. Likely at the command of Vincent D'Onofrio who plays Vic Hoskins, the head of InGen's security. Since D'Onofrio is ostensibly playing the bad guy in Jurassic World, I'm going to assume that these gun-toting guys aren't really ones to be rooting for in the movie. But they probably make for some tasty dino treats.

Who's Hunting Who?

Just as InGen is gunning for its rouge attraction, it sounds like Frankasaurus is also making his way through the jungle and asserting his/her dominance by taking down whatever other dinosaurs it comes across. "It's killing for sport" says Chris Pratt's raptor-training know-it-all.

But my favorite moments of the tailer have to be the grabs. There's the innocent theme park tourist lady that gets swept away by the winged beasties (pterodactyl or pteranodon?) during a scene of mass panic. But for me top honors went to the poor Jurassic World employee who gets snatched up by our big bad in a race for the exit.

What's pretty great about it is it shows our new dino's long arms and what makes him even more dangerous than your standard T-Rex. What do you think? Did the new trailer do it's job? Did you get enough sneak peaks for now?


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