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I truly can't believe that over a decade has already passed since Ross and Rachel announced their baby news on Friends. Relive the moment when Rachel breaks the news to Ross:

His gob-smacked reaction is fantastic, especially when he learns that "condoms only work 97% of the time!"

Well, thankfully after the initial freak out, they went on to welcome little Emma Geller-Green into the world and undoubtedly, she was the cutest thing ever.

Yet, since the final credits rolled, have you ever wondered what happened to that toddler when she grew up?

A new picture has resurfaced which show that young Emma was not only played by one lucky lady, but in fact twins!

Noelle and Cali Sheldon took on the role in the final season and this is what they look like today, 12 years on! With those luscious locks and slightly goofy smile, don't you think they strangely kind of look like a mix of Ross and Rachel?

They have certainly grown into beautiful young girls and clearly their stints on the show inspired them to carry on acting. Clearly, they weren't put off by their on-screen parents enthusiastically singing Sir Mix Alot over and over to them to stop them from crying:

Most definitely, a defining moment of the entire show.

So, where are they now?

As well as playing another child in 2006 movie Novel Romance, more recently, Noelle acted in a short called Maxwell in 2013, whilst her sister Cali starred with her in Agorable. Check them out in the entire short movie below:

What do you guys think?

Hopefully, we will see many more great things from the girls as they grow up and reach adulthood.

Yet, before I leave you with this thought, let's take a moment to think about how old the other Friends kids would have been this year...

Phoebe's triplets would be turning 16 in October

Ben Geller would be 19 in May

Monica & Chandler's twins would be turning 10

Wow, well that sure makes me feel old...



What do you think of Emma's transformation?


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