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A brand new trailer for the hotly anticipated Jurassic World was released during last weekend's Superbowl revealing a quite staggering improvement in the film's special effects.

The original trailer released last November was certainly no slob. In that one, the dinosaurs looked super realistic, the landscapes crisp and beautiful, but there's just a whole lot more going on in the Super Bowl version - it feels immediately more exciting. It seems realer, tenser - it whets the appetite perfectly for what is surely to come when the film is released later this year.

It's almost as if the producers have a simple nob which they've turned up from 9 to 11.

Where there was once empty space, there now stands (or flys) a whole raft of different dinosauric creatures. Additionally, the color and dynamics of the picture also seem improved - scenes that were once fairly ordinary look more defined with richer color tones.

Watch the original trailer that was released late last year below.

I was super excited when I saw the original trailer, after this one I was literally screaming to see more!

Take a look at the differences below.

Exhibit A



In the example shown above a relatively ordinary scene, by Jurassic standards at least, is improved significantly merely by the presence of another 4 or 5 dinosaurs. The barren field and blue sky are no longer the focus as the Stegosauruses charge alongside the new ball-like gadget.

Exhibit B



Who knows why the effects team opted for a new landscape background here but I think we can all appreciate the improvement. The mountain range on the left seems closer than before, adding another level of depth and realism.

The overdone splash marks have also been corrected.

Exhibit C



In this scene we can see the difference in color tones and contrast as a very forgettable scene suddenly comes alive with vivid green shades and increased lighting on the characters.

Watch the new CGI enhanced trailer that premiered during the super bowl.

Pretty awesome, right?


Which trailer do you prefer?


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