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You've gotten to know them in [The Walking Dead](series:201193) but what happens to the stars when they leave the show? Or the show finishes filming a season? They go on and make amazing movies, of course! Luckily for us YouTuber Jamie Campbell has made an epic video with 20 films starring Walking Dead cast members of past and present.

Take a look at some of these films and plan which one you're going to buy tickets to:

Jon Bernthal (Shane)

Though his character was killed off at the end of Season 2, Jon Bernthal's career has gone from strength to strength after his departure. in 2015 you can catch him a crazy 6 films:

  • Me & Early & The Dying Girl, which just won the Grand Jury Prize for the U.S. Dramatic competition a Sundance Film Festive.
  • Viena and the Fantomes, which follows a roadie, Veina (Dakota Fanning) as she travels North America during the 1980s with a punk band.
  • We Are Your Friends, about a young DJ (Zac Efron) as he works on what he hopes will come his first track.
  • Sicario, which follows a young FBI agent as she joins a CIA operation to take down a Mexican cartel boss.
  • The Accountant, about a forensic accountant who un-cooks the books for illicit clients. The Accountant looks set to have an all-star cast including; Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jeffrey Tambor, John Lithgow and J.K. Simmons.
  • The Godmother, where Bernthal will star alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones to tell the story of former drug lord Griselda Blanca aka 'The Godmother of Cocaine' in the 1970s.

Andrew J West (Gareth)

The evil Gareth will actually star in a rather more comedic role in Walter, a film about a ticket-taker at a local cinema who believes he is the son of God. He agrees to decide the eternal fate of everyone he comes in contact with. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

David Morrissey (The Governor)

The terrifying Governor is set to star in thriller flick The Ones Below, the story about a couple expecting their first child, who discover "an unnerving difference between themselves and the couple living in the flat below them who are also having a baby." The film also stars Clémence Poésy (Harry Potter).

Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale Horvath)

Starring both Jeffrey DeMunn and ~The Blind Side's Quinton Aaron, Halfway is about "a recently released convict finds himself trapped between his urban criminal past and his new life on probation as the only black man in a conservative white Wisconsin farming town."

Dallas Roberts (Milton Mamet)

He may not have lasted long in The Walking Dead but Dallas Roberts is now set to start alongside Billie Joe Armstrong, Selma Blair and Judy Greer in Geezer, a film about an aging punk rocker who is trying to cope with a life after rock.

Jane Mcneil (Patricia)

While the stars of The Walking Dead tend to keep their clothes on most of the time, I doubt that's the case for Jane McNeil's new film [Magic Mike XXL](movie:452782)! The film will tell more of the story of the stripped Magic Mike, played by Channign Tatum.

Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon)

Michael Rooker already had a huge role in blockbuster film [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) last year and in 2015 he will star in Bolden! a film which will follow the "mythical account of the life of Buddy Bolden, the first Cornet King of New Orleans.

Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes)

Sarah Wayne Callies is proving that, unlike Lori, her career is far from dead! In 2015 she will star in two films, the first of which is horror film The Other Side of the Door, a film about a mother trying to say goodbye to her dead child, but accidentally opens the veil between the dead and this world.

In her second she will star alongside Nicolas Cage in [Pay the Ghost](movie:1427636). Cage will play a professor who is frantically search for his son who was abducted during a Halloween parade.

Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter)

Josh McDermitt will play Homer, a character very different from pretend-scientist Eugene Porter in Life in Color. Homer, an out of work comedian gets stuck house sitting with an out-of-work nanny. "To get back on their feet, this odd couple reluctantly helps each other overcome the very personal obstacles that are holding them back - both in life, and from each other."

Chad L Coleman (Tyreese Williams)

based on the George Pelecanos book, Shoedog tells the story of a drifter named Constantine who returns to his hometown of Washington, D.C. after a 17 year absence and becomes a driver in a dual liquor store robbery.

Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes)

Chandler Riggs will star in Home Invasion, a film where a family become imprisoned in their own home by intruders and forced to play a weird life-and-death game (maybe Carl will stay in the damn house this time?)

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon)

One of the biggest stars of The Walking Dead is going to star in what I'm sure will be two of the biggest movies of the year. Firstly is the soon-to-be-released [Air](movie:1242927) which is about two custodians struggling to maintain sanity while living in an underground bunker filled with cryogenically frozen people meant to re-populate society.

[Triple Nine](movie:400238) is Reedus' second film and it is filled with a star-studded line-up including; Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet and Gal Gadot. It focuses on a gang of criminals and corrupt cops who plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off a huge heist across town.

Jose Pablo Cantillo (Caesar Martinez)

Though we didn't see Jose Pablo Cantillo aka Caesar Martinez on screens in The Walking Dead for too long, he will be popping up again in [Chappie](movie:466720), a film directed by South African Neill Blomkamp. Chappie is about a prodigy robot who becomes the adopted son in a dysfunctional family.

YouTube user and Walking Dead fan Jamie Campbell has even compiled a video about the stars and their upcoming movies, take a look:

What movie are you looking forward to? tell me here!

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