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Things have been pedal to the metal awful for poor Car' in the past few weeks, and it looks like Julie Plec is determined to tug our heartstrings to breaking point during the Vampire Diaries directorial debut.

With the telling title of "Let Her Go", it seems fairly obvious that the crux of this episode will be Caroline coming to terms with the seemingly inevitable death of her mother, Sheriff Forbes, and understandably, it doesn't seem like she will be handling it too well.

I have dissected the synopsis below so you don't have to, and here is what we should expect from Plec's first venture into the directors chair:

Caroline Struggles with Reality

Caroline assigns tasks to each of her friends as she attempts to direct her energy into confronting the tragic, and seemingly hopeless, situation with her mom's terminal brain cancer.

The perceptive Elena notices that something isn't quite right with her friend though and the synopsis teases a "strange change in her behavior."

Grief and heartbreak would be totally understandable, but the use of the word strange makes me worry that Caroline will turn off her emotions or try to harm herself to escape the pain.

Damon Shows His Caring Side

Damon seems to have been softening up this season, and now he is extending his caring side to Caroline, too.

Fans of the smoldering older Salvatore brother can look out for some more tragic backstory about the painful death of Damon's own brother as he tries to offer Caroline advice on how to cope with her sadness and anger.

Consequences for Kai

Alaric is on high alert after noted murderous psycho Kai seeks help from Jo after experiencing unexpected consequences from the merge.

Things must be going pretty badly for him (karma?) because the synopsis states that he is "desperate for help" - could this be the beginning of making Kai a more likable character to give him a permanent role in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853)?

Something Unfamiliar for Bonnie

All we have on Bonnie is that she will find "herself in an unfamiliar situation." Home is an unfamiliar situation, right?!

Let's see if theories about the energy from the merge somehow helping knock Bonnie back to the present day have a leg to stand on...

Tyler and Matt to Make a Change

"Matt and Tyler contemplate a major life change", your guess at what that could be is as good as mine!

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