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We already know some storylines and characters had be cut from Disney-Marvel's recent animated superhero flick, Big Hero 6 - most notably a rocket-propelled cat.

However, concept artist Ryan Lang has also just released some of his portfolio of work which, among other things, shows off unused scenes and new character designs.

It seemed at one point Big Hero 6 was going to feature a sumo-wrestling match between an armored Baymax and an equally massive sumo wrestler. That would have been incredible to see, but unfortunately we'll have to content ourselves with the concept art. Check it out below:

Other Lang concept art also shows alternative - more 'Japanese-y' - armor for Baymax, as well as scenes of him in action.

Oh, and this picture...

You can check out how Baymax was eventually upgraded in the Big Hero 6 movie scene below:

The Big Hero 6 DVD and Blu-Ray, which I'm sure will include heaps of extra features and goodies, is due to appear in stores from February 24.

Source: Kotaku


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