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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Have you ever wanted to feel like a protagonist from Final Fantasy whilst embroiled in the mundanity of the kitchen, dealing critical strikes to villainous cucumbers and the like with FF weapon styled utensils?

Well you can't, but this lucky Final Fantasy super-fan can after her loving fiancee enlisted the assistance of the teams behind Super-Fan Builds and Man At Arms to forge some super neat kitchen knives in the form of Auron, Cloud, Sephiroth and Squall's iconic weapons from FFX, FFVII, FFVII and FFVIII respectively, and they will all come to rest in the head of an Ultros stand.

Sounds pretty intense right? Have a look for yourself...

That really was an incredible job and a masterpiece indeed!

Source: Super-Fan Builds via YouTube


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