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With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, it's easy to forget that between the release of each of it's sequels, we're also going to be seeing a series of standalone movies set in the Star Wars universe. Which, to be honest, are almost as much to blame for my persistent state of over-excitement as Episode VII itself is.

The reason? The most consistent rumors so far have suggested that we're set to see solo-movie action from not only the bounty hunter Boba Fett, but from a young Han Solo, too - making my eight-year old inner child fundamentally content with the universe.

Beyond those hints of potential plot, though, we know very little about who we'll actually see in the movies. That is, until now, it seems...

After all, it looks as though:

Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany Has Joined the Cast

Or, at least, that's the big rumor coming from Total-Geeks this week...

As they put it:

"According to a source close to production, the still unknown ‘Star Wars’ spin-off has landed Tatiana Maslany as its leading lady."
"Of course, she was recently linked to the galaxy far, far away when her name emerged amongst the likes of Rooney Mara and Felicity Jones who had apparently auditioned for the part. But I was soon contacted by a trusted source, who revealed that Maslany was apparently the front-runner for the role"
"Unfortunately, they didn’t have any details on what that role might be… except that (as earlier reports suggested) it is apparently the leading role. But I later heard from my source again, explaining that they’d heard that Maslany had landed the role."

Now, at this point, this is all obviously still as up-in-the-air as any other unconfirmed rumor - but it still raises two pretty big questions all the same...

1. Who Would Maslany Be Playing?

Well, if her epic performance in Orphan Black is anything to go by, there's no denying that Maslany has a pretty darned wide acting range - but what sort of Star Wars spin-off would that range most likely be utilized in?

My bet? Either as the female lead in a young Han Solo movie - providing a solid dose of kick-ass femininity to balance out Han's chilled out, sardonic vibe - or as a bad-ass bounty hunter in a Boba Fett movie.

Either way, she's unlikely to be playing a straight-edged diplomat...

The other, possibly even more fundamental question, though?

2. Would Maslany Be A Good Fit for the Star Wars Universe?

Tell you what - take a look at this video, and you tell me...

For my part, considering the range of accents and characterizations she's already shown in Orphan Black, I'd be surprised if there was a sci-fi role out there Maslany couldn't play...

What do you guys reckon, though? Would Maslany be a good fit for Star Wars? What Spin-Off will we see first? Are there any Expanded Universe characters you can see her playing?

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