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Have you ever pulled off an insanely skilful (read: extremely lucky) manoeuvre in a video game, only to wonder how on earth you did it? When I was a kid, these kinds of 'did-you-see-that?!' occurrences would come once in a blue moon, but I'd never be able to repeat the magic and, to my immense frustration, no one would ever believe that it'd even happened.

However, with the advent of video streaming services available on the new set of consoles, those moments are now preserved in the prestigious archives of the video game hall of awesomeness!

Here's some of the most insane, unlikely and flat out incredible happenings in recent video game history.

'Well That Was Close' by Zoruark

Game: The Crew

Now that's what I call threading the eye of the needle... if the needle were a million dollar sports car and the thread were two snow plow trucks.

'How to Break GTA V' by Jonathan Elder

Game: GTA V

What fun is Rockstar's open world urban playground if you don't get to break it a little? Elder got creative with his video game destruction, pinging himself out of the level geometry by blockading a speeding train's path. The result speaks for itself!

'It's Raining Samurai Swords' by jiar300

Game: Dying Light

Perhaps less luck and more insane skill, this feat is seriously impressive. Jiar300 must have had impeccable timing to pull this raining sword trick off. I don't know how many tries it took; all I know is that it was worth it.

'Surfing on a Jet Wing' by Duncan Ross

Game: GTA V

A bizarre intervention from the Tony Hawk Gods results in Duncan Ross skating on his own (recently exploded) jet wing. Don't ask me how on earth it happened; the world of Los Santos is a strange, strange place.


Which clip was your favorite?


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