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Much like a Lannister, George R.R. Martin must be crapping gold thanks to the ongoing success of Game of Thrones the TV show phenomenon that has made Peter Dinklage a household name, and Khaleesi a perfectly acceptable one for an unborn child. It comes as no surprise then that yet another tale from the mind of Mr. Martin – ruiner of lives and expert wedding co-ordinator – has been picked up and Milla Jovovich is set to take the lead in it.

THR have revealed that the Resident Evil star is in final talks to appear in the film that sounds pretty out there even for GRRM. Based on three short stories that intertwine across mythical time and space, Lost Lands will see Jovovich as a sorceress by the name of Gray Alys, who is appointed by a queen to trek to dangerous lands to find a spell that will allow her to become a werewolf (she’s a royal who wants to get hairy at night – just go with it). Naturally, with risky magic such as this the spell does come at a price. Story No. 2 follows Sharra , a young warrior girl who is set to kill a dragon to be reunited with her long-lost love, she has her fire briefly put out though when she crosses paths with a sorcerer (they’re everywhere) who seduces her to the point she completely forgets her mission, which is handy as the magic fella her beau is trapped in the first place. Then we have Martin’s most out-there adventure of the three that sees another warrior lass is bewitched by a woman in a spaceship. Seven hells, this sounds nuts.

German director Constantin Werner is set to take a seat for the project, as well as a number of supporting cast members on the cards to join him and Milla. So far the site reveals that Shameless US star Justin Chatwin is in talks for a role as well as Oliver Luer (The Pianist, Valkyrie) and Nico Bruinsma (Cult Epics). Expect confirmation on whether they sign on the dotted line and embark on magic adventure that sound like it’ll be full to the brim of gratuitous sex scenes and dragons. Same old, same old eh, George?


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