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Capcom have been coming under serious fire from fans in the last few years. They have steadily managed to damage the name of Resident Evil within the industry and continue to demonstrate poor decisions in terms of development and sales. Their profit margins continue to decrease, and their games really are lacking in the polish that so many other developers are exhibiting.

Fans of the developers are slowly finding it more and more difficult to praise their choices in terms of how Capcom have been running things. Though I have to say that I really did enjoy Dragon's Dogma, what a bizarre world this was. It was also highly rewarding and a lot of fun to play. But now it's becoming an online game with micro-transactions galore...oh dear. Well here's a great review of it if you're in for a laugh though!

Resident Evil Revelations 2

The Resident Evil series took a serious blow with RE 6, in that the series seemed to have lost everything that had made it work in the first place. In attempt to create content that would aid in restoring the faith of their fans, Capcom have spilt the series into the numerical one and the Revelation series. The latter is more of the survival horror stuff that the series is famous for.

But even when you go onto sites and check out a video on their upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2, you see that the comments are filled with nothing but negative statements. Fans are really unhappy with what Capcom has done with their franchises.

I mean...really?
I mean...really?

Seriously, this kind of image shows how far behind Capcom are in terms of development. This is something that people were complaining about in the nineties and all this company have done is "slightly" improve their graphics but kept in the same sexist and degrading imagery. It's just getting ridiculous and its completely disrespectful.

Anyway, before I go on a tangent with that department, let's take a look at how Resident Evil Revelations 2 is attempting to secure a fan base by actually copying the likes of The Last of Us in really blatant ways.

Aside from the fact that the graphics are worse and the girl is wearing some kind of weird, old pyjamas, this image looks like something out of The Last of Us. The latest title in the series boasts the ability to swap between playing as two different characters, who journey through the world together. But doesn't this take away from the fact that a horror game is far more terrifying when on your own?

Also, the limits of the character interactions seem to be that the girl just shouts "Monster!" whenever she sees a creature coming. It completely removes all sense of suspense and just sounds awful. Take a look at some of Barry's gameplay sections below.

The game makes no attempt to cover up its relations with Naughty Dog's remarkable success. Of course, more of The Last of Us is fun, but what Capcom doesn't realise is that they are imbuing the Resident Evil series with aspects that a lot of their fan base don't want. They're making an effort to widen their profits by including elements from more successful games.

But if the games never get any good reviews, in part due to their lack of consistency, how are they supposed to widen their sales margins if it's only fans of the series buying the game in the hopes that it works like the old ones?

Capcom have also introduced micro-transactions to Resident Evil Revelations 2. Oh yipee, our favourite. This is only limited to the Raid mode, where the player can buy extra items that can be picked up in the world anyway. But seriously, how is that supposed to heal the issues with a frustrated fan base?

Capcom have given us some truly great games in the past, I mean Street Fighter IV is unbelievable, but in order to ensure that people return to buy more of their games they really have got to start paying attention to those that still have faith in the likes of the Resident Evil franchise. And what would have been wrong with making Dragon's Dogma 2 instead of an online world filled with additional purchases that no one is really asking for?

Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but I've felt their games have been lacking in good content (and also their graphics are always pretty bad) for a while now. I'd love to see them turn it all around and I'd love to hear some more opinions from fans on this developer/publisher. Let us know what you think of Capcom and Resident Evil Revelations 2 in the comments gamers!


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