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Here it is, Big Kahuna Questions Vol. 3 and this time, I'm tackling Back to the Future:

It's 2015 - the year that Doc and Marty travelled to in Back to the Future Part 2, 30 years ahead of Mcfly's present year of 1985. However, there's a conspiracy theory surrounding Doc's intentions with his DeLorean time machine - was he actually suicidal?

Look at Doc's life in 1985 - his only friends are a teenager and his dog, none of his previous experiments have gone wrong, never working (as we see in 1955 with the mind-reading device) and the Libyans are out to kill him. Where he's going, he doesn't need roads.

Here's some evidence:

  • When the DeLorean is racing towards him and Marty, he stands there, steady and even stops Marty from running away - maybe he was anticipating it going wrong and the car hitting him.
  • He directly dupes the Libyan Nationalists, giving them a fake bomb - perhaps he was hoping for them to come after him.
  • He doesn't run from the Libyans like Marty does - has he lost his will to live?
  • Even in 1955, he could be suicidal - ziplining down the wire, refusing to know what happens to him in the future.

Initially, there is evidence for Doc being suicidal but when he finds out in 1955 that his time machine is a success, seeing it for himself, there's a change in him - he's finally done something worthwhile.

Alternatively, he could just be eccentric and have very little concept of his own morality. Such faith he has in his DeLorean time machine, that he's willing to risk getting hit by it if it doesn't work or doesn't reach 88 in time.

So, what do you think? At the start of Back to the Future Part 1, does Doc love life or is he ready to throw in the towel?

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What's up Doc?


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