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So, this is just in. Bonnie gets back on the upcoming episode this week. Looks like there's so much fun to look forward to on this series and it will be very exciting to see the new version of our Witchie Benett--someone bolder, fiercer, and braver! Oh yes, apparently, most of the fans are being saddened to watch the previous episodes with "No Show of Bonnie". Seriously? Every season [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) has, they let Bonnie stuck on somewhere else and left alone with no shoulder to cry on or lean on. It feels like she's always the least priority on each season as she always sacrifice herself to save a bunch of her friends. She doesn't even know what exactly is happening to all of her friends. Cool, right?

But, if there's one particular character whom we want to see the defiant side of her--yes, her! It should be Bonnie. Bonnie deserves to be well treated enough in this season as we see her character develop more. As our ever so great Executive Producer Julie Plec teased us, we will see a braver attitude of Bonnie wherein she gets to prioritize herself first before others. (Well, I hope Bonnie do the eyes rolling, lips twitching while doing her witchy magic) Hooray, more witchy stories!

So far, Season 6 is becoming more compelling in compare to the previous seasons of TVD. I would like to commend that each character has their own issues to encounter and not just revolving themselves in one of their friends trying to save him/her from overrated villains. And now, this season, everyone gets to have their own sentiments and attention regarding the present issues they're individually involved in. And while we're still yet to know what will happen next to each of these characters, specifically the most tormented character, Bonnie, we are somehow getting to imagine how would these characters react when they get to see the version 2.0 Bonnie Bennett. However, part of me is intriguingly rooting for Bonnie's the will-or-will-not-be the new love interest of her, yup, I'm eyeing on this eyes-sparkling, humorous witty Damon Salvatore.

They were stuck for four months and yet TVD didn't highlight what these two were doing before they got to see the devious and Gemini-Coven-obsessed villain, Kai. I hate him but I like him, a lot. Is that bad? He should better meet Katherine Pierce. They're going to be good as best buddies. I swear!

Anyhow, as what I'm saying, these two have shared a connection when they were trapped in the other dimension and both have become good friends of each other. Right now, that's what we basically see between these two and we're yet to indulge on seeing them sparkle on romance. (If the writers wants to go on this path) But, never say never Bamon shippers, there's always hope. The perfectly driven word of friendship is the best foundation of bravely taking the next step, love or romance. If TVD made Delena happen, if they can make Steroline happen, in which somehow they're taking that path, then why not make Bamon happen? Everything is possible with TVD, right? Now, here's 5 reasons why Bamon should happen in this season.

Damon and Bonnie go on groceries
Damon and Bonnie go on groceries

1. Love-me-Hate-me Relationship. Yes, even Kai likes it. He has even observed how these two bicker all the time and yet they end up talking and stay in each other's company. After all, their mutual connection is already starting to grow. I guess, that's how these two show their love. -- Kai-style.

2. Dynamic Duo. Can I just borrow Spiderman's line just for these two? "With great power comes with great responsibility." Of course, among the characters, these two are smoking hot when it comes to interrogation and self-sacrificing. Both would never think twice to sacrifice themselves not just for one person but for a bunch of people very close to them. They may hate each other's company, but they can never let that burning desire to go team up and help save their vulnerable friends. When it comes to interrogating the villain, Bonnie and Damon are both remarkable at throwing their lines. Though most of the times, they hate each other but barely like each other. Ohh. No one can still ever beat these two when bickering. Nevertheless, they don't give their opinions that easy. Sometimes they both connect each other's sentiments.

3. Undeniable Chemistry. I don't know but this season vividly emphasized the chemistry they have when they're together. Just by looking at them and how they interact with each other makes me wonder what if Damon ask Bonnie to go on a date? or not? Guess, I see why there are fans shipping these two. (Thanks to Bonnie's haircut. She looks more edgy! Damon go get this girl.)

4. Once in a blue moon eye-to-eye contact. Oh dear, that scene when they held each other's hands and Damon awkwardly wished she was with someone else closer to her, Bonnie just replied "Not exactly." That part really mattered. Damon's eyes remarkably twinkled and Bonnie gave him a sweet smile which didn't take so long when our lovely Kai interrupted their sweet rekindling friendly moments. Well, of course, it's the CW where each character is ready to be explored and be matched-up on someone else as long they see spark flies between each of them. I foresee these team would be next on the list of match-ups.

5. Hilarious kick-to-the-butt lines. Last but not the least, of course, their lovely hateful lines of each other. Rarely enough, their sarcasm is the root of their ever so fruitful friendship. Right now, little by little, their friendship is becoming more genuine and undeniably rare. That kind of friendship is worth keeping for because you see both good and bad side of each other's character. Damon and Bonnie is beyond natural when they're together.

Right now, we're yet to know what's next for these two. And of course for Ms. Cuddles to reunite Bonnie and Damon, it would be such an amazing scene to see these three bond with each other for some time. Yet, for the meantime, let's see how Bonnie's friends will react when their witchy friend becomes the defiant one.

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