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Was "The Dragon" almost a major part of the "Bat" film franchise?

While promoting his most recent films, the just-released "The Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power" and the upcoming "The Martial Arts Kid", martial arts/action-movie legend Don "The Dragon" Wilson told me that if things had happened just slightly differently, he would have possibly been a big part of the "Batman" film franchise.

Wilson, who played a gang leader in 1995's "Batman Forever", said he was originally tabbed by Joel Schumacher to have a bigger role in that film - and others!

"The story with 'Batman Forever' is that Joel Schumacher asked me to do action films for him", says Wilson. "He wanted me to do four films and i wanted to, obviously, but I couldn't at that time because I was already contracturally obligated to do other films."

"So I came in and did just one film, in a much smaller role", he continues. "So I wound up doing one fight scene for Joel Scumacher".

So instead of staying a direct-to-DVD king in classics like "Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero", "Bloodfist VII: Manhunt", "Cyber-Tracker 2" and "Bloodfist VIII: Trained To kill", "The Dragon" could have possibly had substantial roles in films like "Batman Forever", "A Time To Kill", "Batman and Robin", "8mm" or possibly other projects.

I think it is a shame that Wilson did not get the high-profile theatrical roles he deserved back then, but admire him for his loyalty and keeping his word.

What do the rest of you think?


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