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There has been anticipation about a possible [Godzilla](movie:45291) vs King Kong showdown ever since Legendary Pictures, who have picked up the rights to both monsters, announced it was bringing Kong back to the silver screen in King Kong: Skull Island last summer. Would Legendary be creating it's own Monster Cinematic Universe?

The closest we'll see to a modern Kong-Zilla fight?
The closest we'll see to a modern Kong-Zilla fight?

A Historic Battle

It's a tantalizing idea and one that isn't at all unprecedented. The legendary beasts have clashed memorably in the past - though primarily in the anything goes, rubber suited world of Japan's Toho Studios. The 1963 King Kong vs. Godzilla clash of the titans famously ended in something of a draw - a move likely made to decrease the chances of upsetting international fans of either creature.

We'll always have Toho, my dear.
We'll always have Toho, my dear.

Sequel? Prequel?

Legendary Pictures made the King Kong: Skull Island announcement during the same Comic Con panel where they revealed that they had also obtained the rights for Mothra, Ghidorah and Rodan to appear in future Godzilla movies like [Godzilla 2](movie:1433439).

My first thought upon hearing this was that we were headed straight for a remake of Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster - where all four of these monsters memorably battled it out. But there has since been some confirmation that these three Godzilla antagonists will probably be spread out over multiple Godzilla sequels.

Godzilla 2: Remake? Reboot?

Adding to the doubt that we'll ever see a Kong vs. Godzilla battle royal is the recent development of Skull Island's timeline in the grand scheme of things. Accolade collecting J. K. Simmons recently shed some light on when the events of Skull Island will be taking place...

1971, eh? This could require some very tricky timeline jumping for the big ape and the god of monsters to meet face to face if there is to be any continuity in mind between these two franchises. It could of course completely depend on how Skull Island ends - maybe the monkey will end up in some sort of iceberg and be unfrozen in modern times? Eh, forget you ever heard that idea.

Also, the proportions for these two never did match
Also, the proportions for these two never did match

A prequel wouldn't exactly work either. Sure, Godzilla can be considered one of those eternal kind of creatures who doesn't really age and we could conceivably see a meet-up with Kong prior to the events of the Skull Island. But a prequel take on things would take a good amount of drama away from the proceedings seeing as they would both need to come away relatively unharmed.

This might be the kind of idea that will remain the source of fan fiction for now. The best bet would be for Legendary Pictures to buck the continuity trend and give fans a one-shot type movie that doesn't adhere to King Kong: Skull Island or the larger Godzilla storyline. Chances are that the main reason these two battled it out in 1963 was because they had the two rubber suits hanging in a closet and they said, why not?


Will we ever see a new Godzilla vs King Kong movie?


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