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These zombies have got moves like Jagger! My absolute favorite easter egg found yet shows a horde of perfectly choreographed zombies performing one sweet dance routine!

This gaming gem was discovered by YouTuber According to Dravec these dancing zombies can be found within a mission that you do for a character named Babar. While on this mission take note of a hangar that Babar runs past in the train yard. Once you have located the correct hanger, go inside and switch the power panel on the left and enjoy the party!

For completion of this task (the escort, not the dance off) you will receive the Holy Ghost Blueprint.

Where to find this quest

Babar can be found near the warehouses in the heart of Slums. He will ask you to help him salvage ingredients to concoct a potion which will fix his werewolf problem. You will need to head towards the market and gather ingredients before heading back to the Tower.

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