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The image above is a perfect description of upcoming events. No, not of the nuclear kind. But can you imagine what will happen at the location when Bethesda drops the nuke that will be the Fallout 4 announcement? Can you imagine being in a room filled with Fallout fans when that news reaches their collective ears and then proceeds to blow their minds? I mean, if Bethesda released Fallout 4 for PS4 and Xbox One, the sales for those consoles would go through the roof! Obviously PC is a given.

Well, remember, we're also in the dark in terms of what's happening with the development of Doom! No gameplay, no release date, no further information other than that cryptic trailer. Peculiar. I seriously hope ID can step up their game when compared with Rage. I mean Machine Games did a great job with ID Software's Wolfenstein with The New Order, but ID themselves have been lacking for a while.

Doom 2015
Doom 2015

Doom Revealed & Fallout 4 Announced Together

In any case, we'll be waiting for some time it seems until these two titles return to the spotlight...but what if they did it together? There have been a lot of really great game announcements lately, but I particularly loved how Hideo Kojima revealed Silent Hills at the conclusion of his difficult and terrifying P.T. Demo. I'd love to see Bethesda give us something along those lines, but tied in with Doom.

What if the next time that we see Doom, say, in a trailer or with some god damned gameplay, there is a cryptic message within it that announces the existence of Fallout 4. Or you know...they could just go all out and at the end of Doom just stick on their own announcement of FO4. That'd be incredible. ID and Bethesda revealing two of their most beloved franchises at the same time.


This would be an interesting strategy. Because if Bethesda stand on stage and say that they have something to announce, the room's tension will reach a level of can-not-handleness (yep) that would make whatever we saw almost inferior to our imaginations. This way, Bethesda will catch us unaware! We'll be all excited for Doom and then BANG, we get hit with Fallout 4.

We all have these periods of insane thought, attempting to think like an enormous corporation and what their next move will be. All I know is that these could be the two games that my Xbox One and PS4 have been waiting for (no way I want my crappy PC to be able to handle Bethesda's next game). I feel I've been plagued with an endless torrent of rumours, just nothing but damn rumours. We all seriously need some facts or news from Bethesda!!

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

For now, I'm going to continue imagining these two announced at the same time. But I've actually spoken with gamers who are more excited to see Doom return than Fallout 4. What do you gamers say? Are you looking forward to Doom or Fallout 4 more? Let us know in the comments!!


What are you more excited for?


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