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It's finally happening. Jurassic Park is being LEGO-ed. And it's not just the latest film, Jurassic World, that is getting the LEGO treatment. It's all four of the Jurassic Park films. Can you imagine it? I can. And it's incredibly exciting. So exciting, I thought I would point out some of the things we might have to look forward to.

Escaping Rexy (Jurassic Park)

When you think of Jurassic Park, the first thing that comes to mind (aside from the incredibly catchy theme) is probably the iconic moment when the T-Rex (known as Rexy by JP fans) frees herself, and trashes the two jeeps in the process. Following the LEGO game format, I can imagine having to build those high-beam flashlights and flares to distract Rexy. There will probably be some button smashing to resist/keep the glass roof from caving in on you. And getting Tim out of the car in the tree could mean clearing paths/tree-branches.

Assuming Rexy will be a 'boss fight' type stage, there is a lot LEGO can do with this moment, and I'm imagining a lot of fun building as we try to escape this major 'Big-Fig' character!

The Jeep Chase (Jurassic Park)

LEGO loves their vehicles, and many of their games feature 'race the clock' type mini-games. Now? We'll be racing the T-Rex. There is NO WAY this won't be in the game, I'm certain of it. Taking control of a Jurassic Park jeep and fleeing through the jungle, shooting obstacles in our path? This is probably what inspired them to create the game in the first place.

Raptor Escape (Jurassic Park)

This finale for the first film could span several levels, but we know it will be glorious. Lex and Tim vs the raptors in the kitchen will surely be a game of 'build distractions and hiding places!', before finally creating (or fixing) the locking mechanism for the fridge door. Heading to the Control Room with the kids, Grant and Sattler, we'll probably have to find a way to keep that door closed, and send Lex in for a VR mission on the computer to turn the power back on. After building a ladder and escaping into the vents, we'll then end up in the Lobby for a final battle with the raptors... and a last appearance from Rexy.

Other JP moments that would be awesome!:

  • A 'learn the controls' first level at the Dig with Grant and Sattler.
  • Touring through the Visitor Center and the Lab.
  • Running through the Gallimimus herd.
  • Fixing the power generator with Dr. Sattler.
Are you imagining this as a LEGO scene? I am.
Are you imagining this as a LEGO scene? I am.

Packing Up The Equipment (The Lost World)

In the second Jurassic Park film, the team that heads out to check up on the second island takes a lot of equipment with them. Eddie's garage would be a great place to meet various characters (like Eddie, Nick and Kelly), and do some major building on the RVs and the High Hides. Likewise, we could probably set up camp once on the island as well!

Freeing The Dinos (The Lost World)

This is another one of those 'it'll definitely be in the game!' moments. Nick and Sarah go to the enemy camp to free all of the captured dinosaurs before they can be taken stateside. Destroying cages, building things to HELP you destroy cages? Building and destroying are what LEGO is all about, and this scene is absolutely perfect for that. And at the end of the level? We save a baby T-Rex.

T-Rexes vs. RV (The Lost World)

The iconic moment in the second movie is, of course, the T-Rexes rescuing their baby, and tipping the RVs over the cliff edge. In a final moment of glory, Eddie could set up the tow cable on the RVs, maybe do a bit of jeep driving... and then get eaten. But Ian, Sarah and Nick would have more building to do inside the RV as they try to climb back to the top before it drops into the sea below!

Escaping The Raptors (The Lost World)

This would be great for one of those 'switch between scenes/characters' levels. After getting through that tall grass, Ian would have to play keep away with the raptors. Since Ian tries hiding in a van and a room with big glass windows, one would imagine we'd get to do some building here. Next, Kelly and Sarah would have to climb to the top of the barn (after attempting to dig out first). Both of them are good with acrobatics, so we'd see a lot of swinging/climbing here. And probably building things to drop on raptor heads when they get too close. And finally, Nick would be working to get the phones operational (another VR mission, no doubt) and call in a helicopter to the rescue!

T-Rex vs. California (The Lost World)

When the T-Rex frees itself and rampages in San Diego, Ian and Sarah will have to break into Jurassic Park San Diego, free the baby rex, and lure it's parent back (in a car, of course!) to the cargo hold of the ship it arrived in. Plenty to build, break, and build again. And hopefully, we'll see a bonus level of getting to control Daddy Rex as he rampages. If not, at least we'll be able to do so in Free Mode!

Other TLW moments that would be awesome!:

  • Saving Sarah from the stegosaurus.
  • Playing as Ingen hunters catching dinos in the stampede.
  • The T-Rex attack on the Ingen/Survivor camp.
Ooooh, lots of things to break!
Ooooh, lots of things to break!

The Plane Crash (Jurassic Park 3)

When we first meet the Spinosaurus, he's bringing our plane down, stranding us on Isla Sorna. Having to escape the wreckage and maneuver through the jungle with a big hungry dino on our tails sounds like tons of fun to me! Especially when we end up running into a T-Rex as well... dun dun dun.

The Pteranodon Aviary (Jurassic Park 3)

Another iconic scene! Imagine having to repair bridges, walkways and gates in order to escape the winged giants. There's a parasail involved here too, which would fit into the vehicle/racing category that LEGO loves so much. Build. Escape. Survive. Sounds like the plan for this game in general!

The River Escape (Jurassic Park 3)

We're on a boat in the middle of a river when the Spinosaurus attacks for the final time, and oh, the options for this level are endless! It would be another 'switch between scenes/characters' finale, with Grant trying to build/repair the satellite phone (and then having to recover it when it's dropped in the water!), Amanda and Eric having to escape the submerged cage, and Paul (probably building) and then scaling up the crane and setting the water aflame to drive off the Spino. Epic! And if they plan on figuring in some sort of scuba/swim outfit ala some of their other games... this would be the level to do it!

Other JP3 moments that would be awesome!:

  • Making your way through the abandoned raptor lab.
  • Parasailing over the island ala the film's intro.
  • Digging through dino poo for the phone.
Run Away!
Run Away!

And now for...Jurassic World!

From what we do know about this film thusfar, I'd say we have a GREAT movie-inspired game ahead of us! As the park is now fully functional, we will probably get to experience many of it's attractions. The park has a monorail, gyrospheres, kayaking, a safari, an aviary, and a petting zoo. We have Owen's raptor gang + motorcycle. We have the Indominus Rex and Rexy (yes, the T-Rex from the original film!) And we have the Mosasaurus. It's going to be chaos. Amazing chaos.

The Gyrosphere.
The Gyrosphere.


So. Knowing what we know about the formula of these games, lets see if we can guess what the Jurassic equivalents will be (and I am including some of the Jurassic World characters based off what we know about them).

  • Tech-Savvy Characters: John "Ray" Arnold, Lex Murphy, Dennis Nedry, Eddie Carr, Nick Van Owen, Henry Wu, Claire, Lowery
  • Weapon-Savvy Characters: Robert Muldoon, Roland Tembo, Ajay Sidhu, Udesky, Cooper, Owen
  • Dig-Savvy Characters: Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Sarah Harding, Billy Brennan, Eric Kirby
  • Acrobatic-Savvy Characters: Tim Murphy, Kelly Curtis, Sarah Harding, Eric Kirby

Just my guesses, of course, going from what we know of the films. But there are a lot of other LEGO niches to fill... and who knows which ones will actually show up in this game! (Have some thoughts? Share in the comments!)

LEGO has actually already touched on dinosaurs (perhaps as a nod to this game, or a test to see audience reactions) in LEGO Marvel Superheroes. Take a look at the level above, featuring a very JP-looking setting, and raptors. Lots of raptors.


So I don't know about you... but I'm really excited to get my hands on this. I hope you've enjoyed reading over my thoughts, and I hope you've envisioned all of those iconic scenes in LEGO form, just as I have. You never know what we might end up with. Who knows, maybe some of the 'bonus levels' could be scenes from the novels that never ended up in the films (one can only hope)!

Please, chime in with your thoughts below! What do you want to see? What characters do you want to unlock for Free Play? What scene from the films are you most excited to play out? And are we going to be saving Steven Spielberg in each level?

I leave you with a little tease from LEGO themselves. Enjoy:


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