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The next season of Star Wars The Secret Missions will focus on a group of Mandalorians. Mandalorians are a group of warriors from several species in the Star Wars universe. They commonly act as mercenaries or bounty hunters. According to Star Wars Expanded Universe material, they are the cultural descendants of an extinct species called the Taung. The leader of the Mandalorians typically takes on the title of "Mand'alor," the name of their first leader, whose planet was named after him in honor.

Mark Edwards and I are at it again on this project. Mark shot this cosplayer (Carol Christine) in the studio portraying "Shev'la Kaan." We are thrilled to present to you the poster for the new season of Star Wars The Secret Missions TV series called, "Space Cowboy"! Our title derives from the fact that Mandalorians strike me as the cowboys of the galaxy. Hence the retro almost old west feel I gave the poster.

Alternate desaturated version of the poster
Alternate desaturated version of the poster

I always try to create two versions of my work, just to show the range of the final image. How subtle color shifts or contrast adjustments can can the entire look, feel and mood of a piece. This one isn't as dramatic of a change as some alternate versions I usually do but it still gives off a different vibe than the full color version.

More Star Wars The Secret Missions art coming soon so stay tuned. I hope you like it and please share and re-post this bad boy.

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