ByWalkirio Pessoa, writer at

I will make a short story, but with very important content.

The history of the joker.

the joker as a child, has a very loving mother with him, then the father is an alcoholic who beat his wife much, until one day his wife reacted with a knife and failed to kill him and his psychopathic husband took the knife your hands killed her and her son (joker) when he wakes up at dawn to see what happened his mother was dead and his father with a knife in his hand, the boy shows his face and his heart the hatred ever felt in life, then question father to his son:

-because this guy?

then the psycho father takes his son and disfigures his face, the father of the joker goes away and leaves her son alone.

the boy (joker) with his disfigured face will walk for help in the society not accept it, until he meets a lonely street clown who accepts it and give you food and drink until the clown accepts as a son, the clown has a problem he is a bank robber that neither the police can catch, and various magic tricks, over time he teaches the boy (joker) his great tricks, until one day a great researcher holds this clown and already the boy (joker) already grown teenager will have to face it alone, so many things happen until one day finds his father.

this story has a lot of action and drama


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