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"I love you, you love me"... you've heard it before - some (if not most) of us grew up on the lovable purple dinosaur, better known as Barney. What Animation Domination High-Def has decided to do in their Scientifically Accurate (TM) segment is deconstruct and examine how terrifying Barney would be if he was an actual T-Rex.

The animated short video places a ferocious T-Rex with the same color scheme as Barney in similar child-learning situations that Barney is famous from. And the fact of the matter is, the kids in these videos should justifiably be extremely scared.

Check it out:

I mean, imagine this guy teaching you the ABCs:

The kids go from joyful to a little shook

So, yeah, that's Barney. The kids in this video are a little bit wary here as you can see. Especially that French painter.

Even if you got away, you would still be infected

This kid kind of looks like me, which scares me even more. I had a pair of overalls as a kid and if Toddler Stephen saw this representation of a dino-death I would be pretty freaked.

The hunters are trying to drug Barney

He's too big for those tranquilizers to do any sort of real damage, I think. As the song points out, trying to hug T-Rex Barney sounds like a terrible idea.

The most brutal line of the whole song

"I hope the state takes you away from your irresponsible parents." Yikes, what a telling picture.

The most brutal image from the video

As the sun seems to set over the kids' pre-school, we see a pile of mutilated little kids (and even some bones sticking out) as Barney is nearly finished with his bloodbath.

Oh wait, nevermind it got more brutal

They even warned us of falling in love with Barney due to the fact that he has a 12-foot dick that appears like it could do some serious damage.

If you enjoyed this video, there is probably something wrong with you. But I enjoyed it myself so there's a fairly high chance that I am a sick and twisted person.

(Via: Animation Domination High-Def)


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