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"A world wide phenomenon" Frozen is one of those movies that leaves you at the edge of your seat wanting more when the credits start rolling. It was no shocker that the movie took to bank over 1 Billion dollars and topping the charts being the 5th highest grossing film ever made. Now, if you ask me, that is pretty impressive. I for one, LOVED the movie. It was warm and fuzzy but also had that danger all good movies thrive for. It was definitely a loving fairy tale, but with a twist. My rating on this film is definitely a 10! But not only because it came together in a classic fairy tale way; only because it didn't. Now, let your head wrap around that. Let it soak in and let it ponder your thoughts away. it really is something to think about when you think about classic fairy tales and how the price always saved the day. That's right it wasn't price charming this time! I think that was the real go getter in this film that made it such a hit. The way the producers took a classic "normal" fairy tale and turned it into a one hit wonder, that no one can ever replace in the future. This will forever be the first fairy tale where sister love takes over all. And to allot of people, that is saying HUGE things. So the next time you think about true love and what it stands for; for you, remember: All Anna ever really needed was her sister.

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