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WARNING: Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead!

5 days to go, 5 days to go! With Sunday night coming up very very soon Scott Gimple, Andrew Lincoln, Michael Cudlitz and Lauren Cohan recently (as in, 15 minutes ago!) took part in a Google Hangout to answer some questions bout what we can expect from Season 5b. While that is a whole other article in itself, we were also treated to the first two minutes of episode 9, which will screen on Sunday!

Take a look at the clip below and then meet me on the other side for a closer look at the fresh scenes:

We're introduced to some mystery twins

These photos are shown during a voice over of Father Gabriel giving a funeral speech, and shortly before Noah is shown on screen. So who are these two?

Now, I'm going to warn you again, this could potentially be a huge Season 5 spoiler.

The first theory is that one of these twins could be Noah, and these photos are from his house in the walled community in Richmond, Virginia (he didn't seem to carry any personal items with him when he escaped the hospital). However I really doubt this seeing as he's mentioned his mom, dad and uncle in past episodes, but never any siblings. The second reason I doubt it's Noah is because this is a clip from episode 9, the very start of the journey out from Atlanta, a full 500 miles from Richmond, Virginia - when have we ever seen the group move that quickly!?

My second theory is big call, but I think it's most likely. Strap yourself in, but word on the street is that Tyreese will be the next character to die on the show. According The Spoiling Dead Fans (who are rarely wrong) Tyreese will be bitten in episode 9 and die in episode 10. So possibly these could be photos of Tyreese as a child with his twin who we've never heard of before (yes, Sasha is his sister but that doesn't mean he didn't also have a twin, right?).

Rick talks to Noah about his walled-community

During what looks to be a serious one-on-one conversation, Noah tells Rick that Beth had planned on making the trek with him to Richmond, Virginia, and Rick seems interested in knowing how far away the community is.

Rick chats with some others about the possibility of going to Richmond

In a conversation with Glenn, Eugene, Noah and Michonne (heard off-camera) Rick suggests that Richmond should be their next destination, saying: "It has a wall, homes, 20's a long trip but if it works out its the last long trip we have to make." Glenn asks "what if it isn't around any more?" to which Rick replies "then we keep going." and Michonne adds "then we find a new place."

The trailer is interspersed with other places the show has gone over the seasons

Like the prison and Woodbury...

The promo is filled with a lot of bizarre flashes forward and back, and distortion. This could just be the editing of the clip or could really hint at the mental state of one of the group, perhaps Maggie or Daryl dealing with their grief? Or maybe someone else who has been injured? It's all very mysterious!

Something violent has gone down

We see Noah at a couple of points in the clip, once when he's talking to Rick and he seems relatively intact, and a second time when he's crying and has a bleeding gash above his eye. How did he get this gash? Could it have happened when Tyreese was bitten? Something definitely went down!

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