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All of us have seen the greatest Christmas movie ever made: Die Hard. Unfortunately, it was followed up by a film called Die Harder, which was a terrible sequel. It was an okay movie, but THIS is the sequel that SHOULD have been.

We all remember the quote. It is the opening for a sequel to take place on a different holiday.


a BRIEF treatment:

The McClanes are now living together in LA, John McClane has taken a job (which he hates) heading private security for the Montegue hotel Beverly Hills, and is still good friends with Al, who is now retired. After how bad the LAPD 'screwed the pooch' at Nakatomi, he refused to become an officer there.

December 30, he is surprised by a phone call from Argyle inviting he and his family to attend a huge New Years shindig being thrown (so conveniently) in the hotel where John works. It has been a couple of years now since John has seen Argyle, and he is enthusiastic about the idea.

"Hey yo, John- Argyle! look- I ain't seen you in a while; My uncle Brainard is throwing a HUGE party in Beverly Hills at the Montegue and I want you and the Mrs. to come! It'd mean alot to me man!"

"You sure, Argyle? You know my history with holiday parties!" he replies, jokingly.

Of course, John accepted the invitation, as he is conveniently "off work" that night.

Not so conveniently, the governor is being hidden for his own protection in the hotel the same weekend, as he has recently enraged a Mexican drug cartel who has vied for revenge. Not even John knows the governor is staying.

"Someone" within the LAPD has leaked the information of the governors whereabouts to Chayo, <Guillermo Diaz> head of "La Familia Chango Rojo."

And the party begins.

Mayhem Ensues

You know that Richard, the reporter that everyone hates, will show up.

By January 1, McClane is so sick of California that he heads back to New York.

Then- Die Hard with a Vengeance, which didn't suck.

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