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There a lot of things to be excited about for the upcoming blockbuster Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Not only is the film the continuation to the 2012 film, but the movie promises a load of factors; from the imposing antagonist to an array of new characters for the MCU. However if there is one moment in the film that is definite selling point for Avengers 2 it is none other then Hulk going up against Iron Man. Everything on the film, be it the promotional images or the trailers, has showcased Iron Man fighting Hulk in his massive Hulkbuster armor. The quick shots of the scene is enough to get any fan excited, and depending how the showdown plays out; this sequence could be one of the best superhero fights to grace the silver screen.

However, while the battle will no doubt look cool on screen, the clash between heroes may have a bigger purpose behind it. As we all know, coming next summer to theaters is [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409). The idea of Marvel adapting this major comic storyline was speculating back in the fall of 2014; only for it to be confirmed when the studio announced their Phase 3 movies. Since then, many fans and moviegoers have expressed their opinions about Civil War and how this conflict will start. Some have suggested that reason Civil War could be due to Hulk vs. Iron Man in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, and this idea would make a lot of sense. While this could still be refuted, the battle between these two Avengers could be the perfect stepping stone to set up Captain America: Civil War.

Before getting into the topic, it would probably be wise to look at the fight itself and figure how this battle begins in the first place. When the fight was showcased in the first trailer, I heard several suggestions that Iron Man's colossal armor was hacked by none other then Ultron. I did not share the same sentiments about this theory as watching Iron Man dawn the Hulkbuster armor felt like it was Tony doing his annual suit up oppose to the armor being possessed. My assumption was that Iron Man dons his armor to take on an out of control Hulk. This idea could be true as Hulk looks angrier then usual (the image above is proof of this). It is my thought Hulk's rage will either be caused by Ultron manipulating the Green Giant or Bruce simply loses control due to suppressing "The Other Guy"; or it could be a combination of the two.

How this fight will be the cause of Civil War revolves around one question: Why does Tony Stark have the Hulkbuster armor? The obvious answer would be that Tony has the armor in case Bruce would ever lose control; but perhaps there is a bigger reason behind it. The reason why Iron Man has constructed this armor is because it is Tony's contingency plan for Hulk; which would then reveal that Stark has plans to stop all of the Avengers. This is not say that Tony Stark turns into a villain, but rather it shows that the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist is preparing for a scenario where the Avengers go rogue. This concept could also explain how Ultron could cripple the team.

The idea of preventing Avengers going evil would be a great direction for the characters and it could set up the tension for Captain America: Civil War. While heroes like the Avengers mean well, they still work outside the law. If these characters were to turn to the dark side, who could stop them? This issue would would make sense for Tony Stark to dwell on as he is someone who would calculate the chance of this scenario happening and then create plans if it were to happen. This would lead to conflict between the team as the Avengers could be split on the of idea of Tony having plans to stop them; and it would be a plot point that no doubt be complex.

How Hulk vs Iron Man affects the plot to Civil War may not be direct. Iron Man's creation of the Hulkbuster armor may not be the reason why Tony is going up against Captain America in Civil War. However what the moment can do is be a sense of foreshadowing. If Tony's contingency plans is the direction that the studio is going in, then it all depends on how he handles fighting Hulk. This battle could show us what Iron Man is willing to do to stop his teammates. Tony's actions could then lead to a split between himself and Steve; and the conflict between the two Avengers would then rise in Civil War. This all depends on how the story of Civil War plays out, but if the movie is going to be a moment that changes the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then it only makes sense for Iron Man vs. Hulk to play a role in this critical direction.

All of this is still speculation as Iron Man creating plans to stop The Avengers may not come into fruition. However, with Civil War on the way, this idea would work in the film series' favor; and it certainly would explain how Iron Man is prepared to fight Hulk in Age of Ultron. Whether or not Hulk vs Iron Man will prelude the events of Civil War remains to be seen, but there is one thing we can be sure on: the upcoming showdown between these two heroes is definitely a fight that moviegoers do not want to miss.

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) hits theaters on May 1st and Captain America: Civil War hits arrives on the big screen on May 6, 2016.


Will Iron Man vs Hulk cause Civil War?

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