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I will avoid the cliches. I will avoid talking about how much money Fox would lose on an R-rated superhero movie.

I will avoid talking about how the rights to The Punisher, who went the R-rated route, is in a movie cellar somewhere, and how only his beloved fans enjoyed his movies in theaters.

I will even avoid talking about how children won't be able to see The Merc With The Mouth if the movie is R-rated.

Here is what we will talk about! The X-men movie franchise!

Take a look at those faces! We all know what's coming, hes been telling us for a while now....Hugh Jackman will eventually stop playing Wolverine. Tragic as it is, that day will come. On the flip side, Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the First Class crew will all fulfill their final movie contracts with [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) in May of 2016. Leaving all of us X-men fans with a WHAT NOW? taste in our mouths!

Fortunately, we have some heavy hitters on their way that same year. [Deadpool](movie:38663) will kick off the superhero heavy 2016 with his own solo film in February. With Channing Tatum's Gambit bringing up the rear with his own solo film in October of 2016. Alarmingly, Ryan Reynolds recently came out and stated that he would like Deadpool to be an R- rated film.

Does Reynolds know if the film will be R-rated? “I have no idea," he said. "I don’t want to spoil anything so we’ll see. We hope.”

We hope?! No we don't! Here's why - with a lot of the X-men coming to the end of their mutant careers, we need some fan favorites to help keep the franchise alive. I love the Sophie Turner ([Game of Thrones](movie:817617)) casting as much as the next person, but she will not be able carry the franchise as much as, say Jennifer Lawrence has! THANK YOU HUNGER GAMES!

Luckily, if Fox plays it's cards right, she won't have to! With Gambit and Deadpool getting their solo movies, Fox could be on a huge upswing. Between cult following these two fan favorites have, along with the fresh blood our new young Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey will infuse, Fox could be setup for years to come. The only problem is, we don't know what kind of support Deadpool and Gambit will receive from the general public. If Deadpool OR Gambit ended up flopping in the box office, it could set Fox back some serious dough! Making them hesitate to continue this forward momentum they have gathered from the very successful, box office hit X-Men: Days of Futures Past.

Deadpool cannot afford to flop, but not only that, he has become a staple in the Marvel Universe as of late. Not only showing up in the successful animated series Ultimate Spider-Man but also becoming a playable character in many recent video game, even receiving his own video game last year. Meaning he's becoming more of a household name for children and maybe their parents. As much as we'd love to see him break the fourth wall and then slice a head clean off (or maybe have his own head sliced clean off and then watch him grow it back), it's bad for business. I'm not talking dollars and cents here, I'm talking X-Men business!!!

We could be on the verge of some sweet X-Men team-ups (Gambit & Deadpool, Wolverine & Deadpool, CABLE & Deadpool?!?!?!?!). Perhaps, but that only comes with fan fare. Fan fare is shown in the theaters. The theaters produce sequels. Sequels produce team-ups. Team-ups keep the actual X-Men team movies going. The team going means I get to keep X-Men in my life. X-Men in my life makes me very very happy (Most of all Gambit).

2016 will be the greatest year of all time.

That is all!


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