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There aren't many things that get under my skin. I pride myself on being able to endure even the most distasteful movies. On more than one occasion, I've been described as a "callous viewer" when it comes to blood, guts, and gore.

But this, THIS, has really gotten to me. It's a short film entitled "VEv" from the mind of director and special effects expert Erik Ferguson. VEv has no narrative or even any people, but it features uncannily alive blobs that move around in laboratories. He's rendered them to appear strangely mobile and flesh-like, sometimes like organs and orifices . Essentially, these are just amorphous blobs, but, somehow, they're the freakiest blobs I've ever seen.

It's not scary. It's not upsetting. But somehow, it's affecting me on a visceral level. There's something about the movement of this mass of organic matter pulsing and writhing on the table that really makes me cringe. Or, maybe it's because the special effects are just so well done that I can't help but experience this as real. There's just way too much texture there for this to be fake.

Check out the full short film below, and decide for yourselves:

For those who want the experience Ferguson's genius without watching the full video, I've compiled some animated GIFs of the most skin-crawly moments. However, I must admit that the music and sound really add something to the experience, so I'd highly recommend watching if you can!

The video starts innocently enough

Just a quick little synthetic creation out of nothing, what could possibly go wrong?

The experiment quickly escalates

And creates some of the most unreal sequences I have ever seen.


I'm just stunned that this was done with animation. This looks like a piece of my small intestine got tired of me and jumped ship into a dish.

And then holes (mouths?) start happening

Is it trying to speak to me? Is it asking me to kill it with fire? Because that's the only outcome I can possibly imagine.

They're trying to escape

At least this one realized that he is just too much for this Earth and decided to explode. I'm going to convince myself that this is the fate any of these would meet if they ever reach reality.

They're spinning out of control

This may look like a dancing bouncy ball, but it's clearly hellbent on taking over the world. Those spinning tendrils are the stuff of nightmares.

Is that an EAR?

And now they can hear everything we're saying.

In total honesty, these are the kinds of experiments that keep me up at night. Despite the fact that this is just a movie (and only three minutes long at that!), I can't get past the fact that this could be possible in some secret underground lab, tucked away from regulation and any sense of human decency.

I mean, there's already a film precedent to this. Anyone else getting stress flashbacks to this movie?

These are the creatures Fred and Ginger from the sci-fi flick Splice, and something tells me they would get along great with the friendly blobs from VEv. And by "get along with, " of course I mean "violently rip apart without absolutely no hesitation or compassion." Perhaps a crossover sequel is in order, and yes, I did just realize that I am a masochist.

Were you guys as affected by Ferguson's animated life forms as I was?


Did 'VEv' gross you out?


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