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Hello again everyone! I'm back! (Now is the time when you ask who's this guy?) Anyway, I was planning to save my dramatic reappearance post until Thursday for my Next Week on DC TV post, but it seems the Arrow marketing department released something just too awesome to ignore. Ray Palmer's suiting up- and it looks legendary!

Whether you're a fan of Atom or [Arrow](series:720988), or just shrinking superheroes in general, today holds some very special news- our first look at Ray Palmer in his A.T.O.M Exosuit. It's easily, I think it's fair to say, now one of the greatest costumes on TV. The care and detail that has gone into this is film-worthy.

Here it is!

Pretty awesome? It doesn't stop there. While Ray will suit up for the first time in Episode 15, titled Nanda Parbat, he'll also be going to The Flash in Episode 18, titled All Star Team Up- presumably, we now know, complete with his suit. Speculation has it that may be where he does his shrinking for the first time, or begins to utilize the more sci-fi powers of the suit.

Grant Gustin confirmed on his Instagram, taking a picture with Routh as Palmer in front of the CCPD's giant justice wall mural, which is essentially a giant Justice League Easter Egg- kind of awesome when you think these are two potential Justice Leaguers.

The character who inspired Marvel's own Ant Man, also getting a movie this year, will, if he does do some shrinking, fittingly end up the first shrinking superhero in live action, at least to my knowledge of all the modern superhero films, which is hugely exciting.

So, will he shrink? Producers earlier said that "if he did, it'll be on The Flash" - which, of course, he's going to. Later EP Marc Guggenheim came out and said he'd had a "change of heart" about a more grounded Arrow, teasing that we may indeed actually start to see the emergence of some metahumans and more mystical powers in the future, now reinforced with the confirmation the Lazarus Pits do indeed exist in the Arrow/Flash universe. Let's not forget Ray's building the suit is literred with references to 'small' things- ranging from nanite particles (like 'nano') to it being made out of a dwarf star alloy, he may end up shrinking on Arrow after all- and, even if not, almost certainly on The Flash.

Of course, they may not necessarily be the only options. Fan response to Ray Palmer and Brandon Routh's excellent portrayal of the character certainly hasn't gone unnoticed by showrunners, and, with more and more shows on the way, The Atom is right up there with ideas that could become reality, further expanding the Arrow/Flash Universe (Flarrowverse, guys, start using that term).

Arrow and Flash's costume department continues to do amazing work, from The Flash himself, to Arsenal, to Black Canary- and if the Atom looks this good, imagine what the finished (we've only seen a very rudimentary version) Firestorm will look like! Good luck to everyone finding a way to complain about this (though I'm sure you'll find a way.) Perhaps this time you can just admire someone's work rather than being picky?

No doubt over the next few weeks we'll see Ray take more and more steps to finally donning the suit.

EDIT: And now we've got even more crossover news; just as I posted this, Grant Gustin uploaded the following to his Instagram, with the caption "This is today...but you'll have to wait a while."

In All Star Team Up, Flash and Atom will take on what looks to be a couple of characters based on the Bug-Eyed Bandit, an Atom villain, and Red Bee- also an Atom villain. Will we need shrinking and speed to defeat them? Like Barry Allen himself says, we'll have to wait a while to see!


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