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The casting wagons are circling and we can add some more names to to the rumor pool for the upcoming untitled Star Wars spin-off. Fresh off the heels of the rumored news that the spin-off may include characters from the Star Wars Rebels universe, some more real-life players are getting closer to joining a galaxy far, far away also.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Felicity Jones is up for a leading role in the upcoming film, but are unsure of the specifics. Jones is hot off of her highly acclaimed performance in The Theory of Everything, so it is a good move to strike while the fire is hot. Jones has shown to be an actress with an incredible range, so it is easy to see her fitting into the Star Wars universe. It has not been revealed what her role will be, however it is interesting coming on the rumored news of Sabine Wren being included. THR explains who else is up for roles as well.

The story is rumored to surround bounty hunters and the most characters that have been consistently rumored to be in the movie are Boba Fett and a young Han-Solo. Paul and Ramirez are very different types and neither one screams a young Han Solo, so we will see who ends up being cast before speculating further. However Paul did participate in the celebrity live reading of The Empire Strikes Back as Luke Skywalker, so it is clear that he is very interested in participating in the universe. Ramirez (The Bourne Ultimatum) is another extremely talented actor who could fit into a variety of roles. In any case Edwards seems to be assembling some top-notch acting talent, that are not yet huge movie star names.

News on the Star Wars spin-off is flying in at light speed, so we will be sure to bring the latest as it breaks. Do you like the selection of Jones? Can you see Paul fitting into the Star Wars universe? Let us know!

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