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With President's Day just around the corner, let's take a look at who would star in the biopic of our first president.

George Washington - Christian Bale

One of the greatest actors working today. If he can play Batman and Moses, he can pull off Washington. He would put on makeup as Washington got older.

Martha Washington - Jennifer Connelly

The only actress that came to mind who could pull it off. Like Bale, she would put on makeup as her character aged.

Thomas Jefferson - Michael Fassbender

Another fine actor working today. From Magneto to the cruel plantation owner in 12 Years a Slave to Steve Jobs, Fassbender would absolutely nail it. Plus, they look a like.

Benjamin Franklin - Timothy Spall

If you don't know him, he has had many supporting roles, including Wormtail in Harry Potter and Winston Churchill in The King's Speech. He's a very underrated actor, who would make a perfect Benjamin Franklin.

Alexander Hamilton - Tom Hiddleston

Another underrated actor on this list. The only actor that came to mind for Alexander Hamilton was Tom Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston is best known for playing Loki in Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and The Avengers, as well as supporting roles in Midnight in Paris and War Horse. Plus, they have similar bone structure.


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