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Ryan Danger Dunbrack

^^^^ Video version of the article basically everything said in the article but not reading so BETTER!

So, while Bryan Cranston is in talks to be the new Star Trek villain, (which would be awesome) his former Breaking Bad co-star has his eyes set on a different franchise. Aaron Paul is currently in talks and on the shortlist to lead in Gareth Edwards' 2016 Star Wars spin-off. Paul would be the male lead in the movie while Felicity Jones is close to signing into the role of the female lead.

Now, would Aaron Paul be good in this movie is the question. YES! He so would Aaron Paul is an amazing actor and even did while (while the whole movie did not) in last year's Need for Speed movie!

He would be the lead so most likely if we look at EVERY other Star Wars movie he would be a jedi! Aaron Paul is going for crystal meth, to slaying sith. So obviously he would be great in it but keep in mind that he has still yet to get confirmation on whether or not he got the role. But, I mean we all want him to get the role right?

This would be especially great if in 2016, Bryan Cranston in the Star Trek villain. While Aaron Paul is the Star Wars hero. Do you want Aaron Paul to play a Jedi? Answer why or why not below!... I think that he would be amazing by the way.


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