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As Marvel goes, my favorite character is, of course Deadpool (with Venom running in a close [very close] second), but the upcoming movie? Will Ryan Reynolds be better in this movie than his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Well lets hope, because I'm not saying he was a bad Wade Wilson, I'm saying the [Deadpool](movie:38663) (read DEADPOOL) was crap. We didn't get a merc with a mouth, we got a merc without a mouth quite literally.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine's Deadpool
X-Men Origins: Wolverine's Deadpool

Truthfully I haven't read many comics, but I have read some, and the ones I did, they didn't say that Deadpool's vision was like a television movie (point taken it was a movie) but I doubt he sees as a TV screen.

Now, what I want from the new Deadpool is the follow, and he must do this, there is no give or take.

  • He must break the fourth wall more than once. It is what he is known for.
This is Deadpool breaking the 4th wall.
This is Deadpool breaking the 4th wall.

Deadpool went as far as to steal the fame from the Ultimate Spider-Man television show.

Here is more, even though this show is known for breaking the fourth wall, its good to see Deadpool do it.

  • Deadpool must have his healing factor.
  • Deadpool must be vulgar.
  • Deadpool must be violent (and by violent I mean this movie will not be for the faint of heart)

Basically all I'm saying is, Deadpool must, must, be Deadpool, not Drool. (See what I did there? Um no, okay I won't do it again)

But to reiterate my point I'm asking Hollywood (read the upcoming quotation with heartfeltiness [is that even a word? I'm using it])

"Please don't slaughter Deadpool's fourth-wall breaking, vulgarity, and violent personality." umm "Don't make him Batman (sorry Batman I love ya) make him Deadpool."


Which Deadpool did you prefer?


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