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Ryan Danger Dunbrack

This video tells you everything that's in this article but better because no reading but I did make a slight mistake in it so bring it on to Youtube and look in the description plus no reading on it hooray!

So, that is what the ATOM looks like and we are finally getting to see it! In my opinion it took way to long to get here, BUT we will be seeing it first on Arrow, February 25th. That's Season 3 Episode 15 in case you were wondering.

As for ATOM shrinking down that's a different issue as recently there was a strict NO SUPER POWERS rule on Arrow. But after seeing how everything went with the Flash Arrow crossover Marc Guggenheim has changed his stance on that so we could see him shrink done.

Because ATOM is an acronym on the show most likely they can just use the suit for fighting and it will not matter if there is no shrinking. But either way Ray Palmer and Felicity are going to guest star in The Flash Episode 18 which will be awesome and most likely we will get to see Ray shrink down. So the suit looks awesome and something none of us thought would happen is happening. Brandon Routh is kicking ass at playing a superhero!

He's done great so far as just being Ray and with his own Spin-Off in development we have no reason to think his awesomeness will ever change. Do you like this costume? comment BELOW!


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