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Bullying.Another one pathogenicity of our society..Who is to blame? How to stop it? Why did it happen in the first place? We have done all these questions.Maybe it's time to do another one.Everyone to yourself. What are you doing about it yourself?

Caitlin Haacke is a high school student from Kanada.And Caitlin, like many of peers, fell victim of bullying.But Caitlin, did not react like any other kid.When through facebook someone told her to kill herself, she decided not to leave it that way.What she did will surprise you.

Caitlin took the known adhesive post it papers wrote up notes encouraging and optimistic messages and stuck on every school locker.So , that every student feel unique.As a response to Bullynig, that irreparably hurt sensitive souls, making them feel inadequate, Caitlin has given her schoolmates moments of joy and moments of truth.Becouse the only truth in this life is that everyone is unique, special and important!

A truth that is consistent with the personality of Caitlin herself.Kind, optimistic, clever and above all, a fighter.One girl who oppose evil and negativism.What if she was punished by the school because (!!!) she filled with trash the school?She won a battle that very few have ever won.She answrered wickedness of the world with kindness and has won !!!

Through the page in facebook @Positive Post-It Day- Caitlin Haacke, numbering nearly 13.000 Like, we talked and she gave me the following interview:

-Tell me how u came up with this idea

The idea for a Positive Post It Day came from Pinterest. I saw an article about two girls in the United States who put up Post Its after a fellow student committed suicide and I thought I can do this same thing.

-You chose to do the right thing.I mean you are something like an anti bullying hero around the world.Have u allways been a former believer that every single one of us can make a diference?

My Mom raised all of us kids to believe that a single act of kindness can change the world. She told us a story about a man who was going to kill himself but then while he was walking down the street a woman smiled at him and wished him a great day. That small act changed this mans mind and he didn't kill himself. So yes I definitely believe in the power of positivity.

-Why do you think it's important to rise awareness about bullynig?

It is important to rise bullying awareness because bullying can lead to depression, suicide and murders. I strongly believe that if people are aware of bullying and stand up to it when they see it then it will stop happening.

-You inspired all of us ,tell me what inspires you?What gives you strength to fight in this so unique way?

My family is what inspires me. My parents both work full time and yet them still have time to have dinner with me and my four sisters each night and even though they are tired they still stand up and say no when they see injustices happen.

-You hear stories about bullying everyday.Send us a message.

I want people to remember that an ounce of negativity can be washed away by a drop of positivity.

What else to add ? Caitlin told us everything.Let us all take example from the force of her soul .From the simplicity and kindness with which she treats life.Becouse that is the spiritual ''war''.That is the right way to change the world.The world will change from noble souls that spread light and kindnesst to our dark world by example !!!

Emmanouela Aamer Moulatsioti


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