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Recently has released the lineup of young heroes for the Titans Tv Show: Dick Grayson as Robin/Nightwing, Starfire, Barbara Gordon, Raven (Rachel Roth), and the duo of Hawk and Dove. Yea Hawk and Dove got me too. Lol

This lineup is very interesting and exciting.
This lineup is very interesting and exciting.

This lineup has not yet confirmed and is not yet final so it is subject to change. Though it has given me pause and it has made me change my villians matchup. This lineup would consist of a roster of villians if the show makes it past the first season and beyond. So without further ado here it goes:


Looks pretty badass, right?
Looks pretty badass, right?

Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke has been a very powerful adversary for our young Titans in the comics and in the animated shows. He would be fantastic as a main series villian. He would especially push Dick Grayson (Nightwing) to his limits and inadvertenly help Grayson become the hero and leader he needs to be. So here is who should play Deathstroke.

Manu Bennett

If Titans show ends up crossing over with Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl universe then this is who should play Deathstroke. I found him to be pretty badass as the character on Arrow. Don't know why ppl have a problem with him. Damn not everything is perfect.

Stephen Lang

This is my 2nd choice for Deathstroke. This is only if the Titans universe does not crossover with the Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl universe. He has been pretty good in some movies i have seen him in. He has got the looks and acting chops to pull it off.

Lex Luthor

His punkass is always up 2 something. Luv it
His punkass is always up 2 something. Luv it

How can u not have Lex Luthor as a villian in a show, a universe this big??? Don't answer its rhetorical. He has a business tycoon with so many contengencies in place. Manipulative to the point it would make your head spin. Especially if Superboy is on the show. Too freakin' awesome.

Jon Hamm

Madmen.... Nuff said lol

Michael Rosenbaum

I am sorry but if not Jon Hamm then how bout this son of a bitch. Hahaha This dude made Lex Luthor such a complex character on his journey on the show Smallville in becoming THE LEX LUTHOR. Would not mind seeing him reprise his role. Totally epic if he is does.


Raven's father, the lord of the Underworld. He is always tryna bring his Daughter into the fold with her brothers. She refuses to be like them. Wants to take a different path and be a hero. So as expected Trigon does not take this lightly so he wants to not only destroy the Titans but overtake Earth. Love to see this epic battle.

Ron Perlman

He has played in Beauty and the Beast way back when, and Hellboy. I can sew him play business man by day and super demon by night.


He is the leader of The League of Assassins and has lived for centuries. Ressurrected by the Pit of Lazarus time and time again. He has trained Batman before Batman even became Batman. He is a foe unlike any other and one in way or another i would love to see him on the Titans Show.

Liam Neeson

Awesome Right?
Awesome Right?

One of the things i loved about Batman Begins wuz Liam Neeson's portrayal of Ra's Al Ghul. It sucked he died in the movie but hey thats just how it goes. Neeson has gone on record saying he loved playing Ra's Al Ghul and would love to play the character in a movie or on tv, so why not Neeson??? C'mon down bro. Hahaha LIAM NEESON IS MY SSSHHHHHIIIITTT!!!! Shout out to Key and Peele

Matt Noble

If the Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl connects to the Titans universe then get this guy. So far he has not disappointed. Pretty cool dude


Ocean Master sux and plus there is more better storylines to press with Black Manta especially if the Titans eventually add Kaldur'Ahm aka Aqualad to the team. Father vs son aspect would be awesome and a nice sub-plot for the show as well.

Cress Williams

I have seen him in a few shows and he is a pretty damn good actor. I can see him pull of the character of Black Manta. Refined and yet ruthless and calculating when need be.


If they were to cast Miss Martian eventually this would be a helluva adversary for her to face. At least from what i have seen from Young Justice animated series. He will inadvertenly make her realize the strength of her psychic powers.

David Hyde Pearce

One helluva actor especially loved him on the show Frazier as Niles Crane. Not only can he pull of Psimon but in a way kind of looks like him. I can picture him as Psimon.


From what i have read in the comics, BlackFire truly pulled out some real bitch moves on her sister Starfire. Actually i dunno if bitch moves can actually sum up what she has done to her younger sister. Taking out all her hate and loathing towards her own ppl onto her sister. She wants everything her sister has and will stop at nothing to not only get it but kill Starfire in the process. And through all that Starfire still loves her and wishes not to inflict harm onto her. Though like in the new 52 i see them finally reconciling and maybe Blackfire decides to help a certain anti-hero vigilante down the road. But thats for another article.

Alexandra Daddario

I am just spitballing here with this one. She definitely has done enuff to show she can pull it off but hey i can see her pulling the innocent act one second and then being totally shiesty and ruthless the next.


Love to see this ruthless and cunning woman on the show and give the Titans and run for their money. Hail to the Brotherhood of Evil. Lol

Noomi Rapace

Look at her body of work and it speaks for itself. She is perfect for this role.


The man who murdered Nightwing's parent definitely has to be a part of this show. Thinking maybe somehow he is captured but the evidence and witnesses go missing and he is left free and clear. Able to do his mob bidding along with helping certain villians who were to "grant" his freedom.

Defintely has the looks and acting chops to pull off this ruthless mobster.


Another part of the Brotherhood of Evil that i would love 2 see is this cold calculating character.

Kelsey Grammar

Definitely can see him pulling off the voice of The Brain. Just a great actor.


The Brain needs a bodyguard, a lackey so introducing Monseiur Mallah.

Michael Chiklis

He played the thing on Fantastic Four and a hard ass cop on The Shield so yeah he can play this monsterous Monseiur Mallah.


Smart, sexy, and ruthless damn one helluva scary combination. Which would make Chesire one of the most if not the most dangerous assassins in DC comics. Love to see her run into the Titans from time to time as she tries to complete her assassination missions. Then soon falls for Roy Harper AKA Arsenal if Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl universes crossover with The Titans.

Jessica Szohr

Totally hot and sexy and i can see she has potential. Action stars weren't born but created. So don't worry about the action part. I believe she can really bring a nice back story to this character.


I just think it would be cool to have him on there and be a nice back story, a sub plot for Artemis if she were to be put on the show.

Ray Stevenson

He has the build and the action repitoire to pull of Sportsmaster.


An agent of Chaos Klarion the Witchboy can be a powerful mystic force against The Titans. Also a nice adversary for Hawk and Dove. Having help from Kestrel to reel in Hawk and destroy Dove.

Vincent Martella

He wuz pretty good on the Walking Dead. A nice, young actor to play this menacing character.


Loved both versions of Terra in the comics and in the Teen Titans animated series. This can only work if beast boy is on the show so if someone he ends up on the show it would be when the show picks up enuff steam like maybe end of season 3 and from that point on. Gotta have the Judas Contract on this show in someway. One of the biggest storylines in Teen Titans history

AnnaSophia Robb

She has the innocent sweet look to fool the Titans.


In my opinion the Joker is the Batman greatest foe of all time. He is always keeping Bats on his toes. Eventually he became the very thing that caused the rift between Batman and Nightwing. He put barbara gordon in a wheelchair which wuz one of the many reasons that caused Grayson to go and strike out his own. Now Nightwing will have to deal with him.

James Franco

The perfect role for an actor, for a man like James Franco. He would relish in playing this maniacal character. Franco would bring it as the Joker be just as close to the Joker in The Dark Knight did. RIP HEATH LEDGER


Love to see this version of Darkseid on The Titans. Not the version that wuz on Smallville. I see this being the final foe for The Titans to overcome.

Kevin Grevioux

He has the attributes and physical appearance to pull of Darkseid.

That is my cast and i hope u enjoyed it. Here are villians with honorable mentions: Goldilocks, Professor Ivo, Amazo, Desaad, Granny Dearest, Brainac, Doomsday, Shimmer, Lady Shrike, The Court of Owls, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Wotan, Jinx, Kid Wykkd, Atomic Skull, Black Beetle, Anarchy, Count Vertigo, Glorius Godfrey, The Psions, Kestrel, Gizmo, Bizzaro Superboy Aka Match.


U think the Titans show will be a smashing hit???


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