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If there is a zombie apocalypse most of us will be happy for taking an adventure especially the gamers but let's decide after we see the advantages and the disadvantages of this

Let's start with the

Disadvantages :

1. you will lose the people you love such as your children or parents or gf/bf

2. you may die in the end

3. you will have to (((kill)))

4. If you don't use your brain well you are f***

5. if you didn't die bitten by a zombie or from hunger you will be scared and woried to death

6. the worest of all is no wi-fi so we won't be able to share our selfies with a zombie

Now let me give you some hope with the


1. the adventure will be worth it

2. Imagine just you and your friends in a car driving when you didn't even get a driving license yet cool huh

3. if you save your crash he/she will love you untill you die like for the next 3 days or even less

4. the people you hate may be zombies so you can just shoot them

5. no school

6. come on dude they're slow they can't invade the whole world there is like 7 billion people on earth and counting remember ??

So what do you think is it worth having the adventure or you want to go back to your normal boring life


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