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Recently the CW revealed the ATOM suit that Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) will use to become the next vigilante of the show. The suit will make it's long awaited debut on episode 15 "Nanda Parbat" which airs on February 25.

Are you ready?

The A.T.O.M.
The A.T.O.M.

This is the first technology-based costume CW has. According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, this costume is cutting edge technology, but even with a suit as cool as Iron Man, Palmer will realize that having the suit does not makes him a hero. Creating the suit is the easy part , being a hero is the difficult one.

Ray and Felicity will be making a visit to STAR Labs on the Arrow spinoff series "The Flash" in episode 18 titled "All Star Team-Up". Here's what Arrow and Flash exec Andrew Kreisberg has to say about the episode:

It's fine because as Marc said, Ray Palmer is all about technology and STAR Labs is all about technology. We get to see Ray so happy to be in STAR Labs with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Ray, they're new best friends. The STAR Labs team is going to help Ray further his ATOM project

The produces have already spoke about super powers on Arrow (a big no), and we have not seen Ray display any size reduction abilities, so either we won't see a mini Ray any time soon, or the ATOM exosuit has a way to reduce the body. Either way the suit is just brilliant and I can't wait to see the Atom joining team Arrow, or have his own show.


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