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The CW has finally unveiled the first photo of Ray Palmer’s (Brandon Routh) Atom costume, which will make its debut in episode 15 of “Arrow,” titled “Nanda Parbat,” which airs February 25. Ugh I know it's too far!! But until then you will have this lovely picture to admire and worship. I know I will!

Ray Palmer is a billionaire tech genius who harbors aspirations of heroism after his fiancee was killed when Slade Wilson attempted to take over Starling City at the end of last season.

“Ray’s the first technology-based hero that we’ve done. Our heroes, on ‘Arrow’ at least, tend to be very sort of fisticuff-oriented. Ray is trying something brand new, also brand new for us too. He’s creating what we call the Super Suit, the ATOM suit that is really at the cutting edge of technology, both in the real world and on the show. He’s also going to have to discover that a super suit does not make a hero. Part of the thing that we’re always trying to be true to is putting on a costume is the easy part. It’s being the hero that’s the really difficult part and one does not mean you've accomplished the other.” - Marc Guggenheim

So until February 25 tune into the CW's Arrow on Wednesdays. Catch you later!


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