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Brandon Routh is back in a superhero suit.

DC/The CW has released an image of the A.T.O.M. suit Ray Palmer will don in the upcoming fifteenth episode of Arrow.

Marc Guggenheim said that the real challenge was to not make the suit look like the Iron Man,

“Our goal when we had an idea to do a super suit was ‘How do you do it in a way that’s not Iron Man?’ That’s the trick creatively. Because we don’t want to duplicate Iron Man, we want to do our own thing. So there’s a lot of practical elements to the costume that on Iron Man they have done with CG. We’re gonna do it practically.”

The suit retains its classic colors of red and blue but with the obvious grittiness that is demanded by the network. It's made of Dwarf Star Alloy, the one Ray Palmer was after; also the one that shrinks A.T.O.M to atomic size in the comics.

Now to wait for Routh to kick ass... after not getting his deserved punching in Superman: Returns, he can now vent it all out as A.T.O.M.

So, with the suit on...we are one step closer to Stephen Amell's proposed Justice League on TV.


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