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First Movie Review Time:

So where to begin with KILLERS, This movie has been put in my top 5 movies of 2015 already. The movie it self has alot going for it now it also has its down side which i will get to in a minute.

well in case you do not know what KILLERS is all about i will let you know and i will make it as spoiler free as possible.

So KILLERS has a simple plot There are two killers each live in a diffrent city one kills for pleasure the other for justice simple right? well this movie is all but simple it brings a diffrent view into the genre. It is refreshing to see a film follow the killer or in this case killers throughout the entire film. Yes there have been films like that before but killers takes a fresh take on it.

So Nomura Played by Kazuki Kitamura Is a killer that puts his kills on the internet and the reason he does so is because he enjoys it but he also has a secret behind why he started killing But i will not spoil this. now i know what you are thinking "great its another film like that" well this may play some point in the film but it is focused on very little. Well These films are seen by Bayu Played by Oka Antara. bayu is journalist who has been shunned by the community for a story he tried to publish on a currupt politican his family and life have fallen apart and he has a grudge against the politican that ruined him . And viewing these films is what gateways him into the world of killing for justice. And this is where the fun begins. Bayu gets in a situation where he defends himself and 2 men die in the process. Well as one of the men lay dying bayu decided to record the man as he dies and he posts it to the same site. well this grabs the attention of Nomura, who than contacts bayu and explains how they are the same. bayu is at first afraid and sickened by what he has done but the more he is contacted by Nomura the more this changes and the more bayu starts to loose his grip on reality. Than you get two watch Two killers in Two diffrent cities and the way this is done is amazing. And lets just say the ending is spectacular and unexpected

Now i will not talk any more About the plot.

Now time for the down side of the film there are only 2

1. The movie runs a little long Clocking in at 137 minutes. and at times can feel drawn out if they has shaved off a couple of minutes the impact would still have been the same and would not have felt so long.

2. The movie has some bloody scenes throughout and it looks real and in your face but there are some scenes where the lighting makes the blood look kinda pinkish which makes it have a fake holloween blood feel to some scenes that are supposed to be brutal and in your face. this happens very rarley but it is noticible when it does.

Besides these defects i still really enjoyed this movie and i think you will to Its out on VOD Right now. So if you have seen it or want to leave a comment below


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