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So this is a movie that i have wanted to see since i first saw the figure from Hot-toys.

I knew i would probably buy him even if i didn't see the movie but i wanted some back story on him so i decided to watch the movie.

Another reason why i looked into watching this was because of Sean Long not sure if you ever heard of the dude he is most known from you-tube from Reviewing Hot-Toys, Blu-Rays, Lego's, Action Figures & much more & i think he said he was pretty happy this figure was finally coming out.

If you haven't heard of him or watched him you should check him out.

It turns out that the movie i think is one of the best movies i have seen for a long time which is saying a lot because i watch a lot of movies & i have seen so many but this is one of those that i have really enjoyed.

The plot it self is good & easy to follow... Their have been several Deaths in Sleepy Hollow so Ichabod Cane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the crime.

One of my favorite parts about this movie is his horse Gun Powder the name it self is pretty to name a horse i think the horse & Ichabod fit perfectly together.

I like the fact that Uncle Vernon you know Harry's Uncle is in this movie played by Richard Griffiths sad he passed away Rip.

The movie it self i first thought it was PG how dumb of me i was shocked to find out that it was Rated-R then again after thinking about again i wasn't to shocked.

I love the Characters in this movie usually the characters aren't that good & that much likable but i did find them to be pretty good.

The biggest reason worth watching this movie is for three main reasons really.

First the fact that Johnny Depp is in this makes it so much funnier & makes the movie come more to life & he works for the main character.

Second Christina Ricci is in this you know the girl you played Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family she is so hot.

Third now about the whole boob popping thing you know having them about to just fall out of the dresses i really don't mind it that all to much i mean yeah it is hard for me to focus on the movie & on the characters face when the woman have really huge boobs but its all good boobs are nice that is womans boobs not guys lol :)

I'm not sure about the whole stepmother being the main reason for the headless horse men to return i mean i do like it but after you see her once in the woods making love with that guy it kind of gives it away that she is bad.

Overall i really like this movie the plot is good the comedy is there so you can depend on that.

I would say this movie is worth the watch & buy i would highly recommend you buy this on Blu-Ray so you get the full HD.

After watching this movie it has made me want the 12-inch figure more & more.


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