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Warning! Spoilers below... Let's start then!

I've been fan of The Flash since the last year, and when the show came out I really was excited for watch the next episode! And (I think, just as some of you) I wanted to know more about Harrison Wells and the truth behind those wheels...

Ok. Bad joke.

But when I watched The Man on the Yellow Suit my mind just started to work. It was 4 am. I slept until 5 am... But, here is why. And this is why I'm saying that I can tell you what could happen in the next season of [The Flash](series:1068303)!

First of all: Reverse Flash wasn't the only one?

No. He wasn't the only one. Just as Cisco said, there was another speedester on Nora Allen's murder. I think everyone guess that is Barry, the guy of the red lightning (and if you never guessed... well... sorry) Aaaaand, this is my theory: In some point, there in future, The Flash and Reverse Flash will meet. The Reverse Flash will treat Barry to kill him, but being a child. Then, they will start to run through the Speed Force that will leds to them into the past. Exactly, the night when Nora Allen died. And now, let's remember Flashpoint, where Barry goes into another dimension, where his mother lives but... THERE'S NO FLASH! I think that in the show will be the same plot: Barry will have to decide between keep her mother alive or save to the young Barry from killing. So, Barry will planed to run faster enough to save the child and come back to save his mother, that's why he took the kid Barry and put them 40 (was 40?) blocks away. But when he come back, he'll find that his mother is dead.

Second: Harrison Wells is...

Zolomon Hunter. He is Zoom. If you have read Flash: Rebirth, you can tell, at the end of the last comic book that Zolomon Hunter is in a wheel-chair and he's in jail next to Eobard Twane. This is amazing, because it explains two things:

1. Zoom and Professor Zoom met in future. Yes, for that, they decide to travel through time and create The Flash -remember the reference Harrison Wells did - (maybe in that future there's no Flash - I haven't solve that already) Creating The Flash will, also, create the Speed Force, something that both Reverse Flash(es) needs to travel (and for get faster, creating the Negative-Speed Force)


2. Flashpoint / Crisis on Infinite Earths

The only reference I can make about Flashpoint, it's the time travel to Nora Allen's murder, and the plot about: "No Flash = Nora lives. Flash = Nora dies"

But, about Crisis on Infinite Earths, we can make speculations about creating a new character that will appear on Flash/Arrow universe: Supergirl. This, plus, the [Man of Steel](movie:15593) reference made by Wells, plus, the SciFi's Krypton, it only makes me think that we could watch our superheroes getting involve in that amazing arc. But if we want to be faithful to the comic book, I'm afraid there's something we should know: The Flash dies. Of course, just as the comic book. That's why on the newspaper from the future says The Flash dissapears... in the middle of a Crisis.

Then he has to reborn (thanks to Professor Zoom) and if we know everything that happens on Flash: Rebirth, it will led you to the point where I told Zoom and Professor Zoom met...

I hope you had enjoyed this article. If you don't, let me know. I can make it better! Please leave your comments and also write another thing that could help us to solve THE FLASH!


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